I feel like I should just give up…why even bother investing anymore

  1. I legit can't even imagine someone being told they're going to 4x their money and not immediately realize they're being scammed, but somehow this sub is full of those people.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better! Op said he didn’t gamble on shitcoins while completely missing the fact he was bidding on sub-10 coingecko coins which usually has 20%-80% chance of not being dogshit

  3. But i was up 4x and kept holding and now I’m down... aka, I forgot to take profits/sell at a high and now I’m sad because I didn’t make any money

  4. Even ‘investing’ in Bitcoin is still a huge gamble. OP is buying lottery tickets and complaining the high risk isn’t worth the high reward.

  5. Agreed. Was very confused why he said he doesn’t gamble on shitcoins when I hadn’t heard of any of them. Maybe start by refining your methods for picking out investments. If you weren’t aware those were risky plays then you likely need to take a step back.

  6. I would add : compare it to stocks. You don’t Put all your money in shit stocks too. And if you do you should be able to face the consequence if it would fail.

  7. A friend that gambles did that cause I recommended it and it took less than a year for him to take it out and put back in risky assets. The index fund was too boring lol

  8. Yup. The S&P won't make you rich, but it generally provides steady growth over time and if it ever drops 90% you have much, much bigger problems than whatever money you put into it. Definitely the better bet over trying to wade through the pool of shit that is the crypto universe.. unless you're into gambling, of course.

  9. Yeah, title should read: “I feel like I should just give up…why even bother GAMBLING anymore.”

  10. It sounds so booring but that's probably the smartest way. If i would've hold all my eth and btc i bought i would be way richer than i am right now.

  11. lol LUNA and FTM were the most actively developed projects 6 months ago. FTM still has the highest TVL/MC rating among all L1s. Nobody was calling them shitcoins 6 months ago so I don't think its fair to blame OP for that

  12. Because you only invested in highly ambitious and risky projects instead of the established coins. I would never go fully in on those kinds if projects, let alone crypto as a whole. I use a 80/20 strategy where 80% goes to ETF funds and the other 20% i throw into crypto.

  13. Imagine YOLOing into shitcoins because you want to make bank money in a few days and ignoring the risk of all going to shit, like most cases.

  14. Stop buying useless shit. Buy bitcoin and ethereum and stop trying to be the smartest guy in the room by buying the 2022 equivalent of penny stocks.

  15. OP probably missed out on last year's Doge run and is trying hard to be on board with the next shitcoin mooning.

  16. People “investing” in crypto might as well join wallstreetbets. Nobody here even knows what diversification means. It’s always YOLO to get rich then cry when the 2 shitty projects you choose go belly up. Never put more than 5% into one investment and as a whole you should be capping what you put into crypto. Yes you are right. What I am saying will prevent you from becoming a zillionaire in a year but will also stop you from losing all your money

  17. At least people on WallStreetBets take their losses on the chin and post lost porn as opposed to in crypto where they completely avoid any responsibility for their bad choices 🙄

  18. Acala handled it well, aUSD will be saved, and Acala is here to stay. 99% of the aUSD erroneously minted are still on chain.

  19. Your picking speculative tokens within a market that’s already speculative. You have chosen more risk within a asset class that’s already high risk….

  20. Don't mean to be insensitive but all the tokens are you listed head lopsided risk profile. A lot of well respected people on CT warned about these Tokens long before their demise.. Yes even Luna. I'd suggest to curate who you follow on Twitter and invest in sound ideas.. otherwise stick to Ethereum

  21. Everything he mentioned was a decent project at one point or thought to have been a decent project. Luna is the one exception that was a massive design failure. It just goes to show that even projects that seem decent often perform poorly from an investment perspective due to poor tokenomics.

  22. Andre Cronje himself called it a shitcoin, though he seemed to be somewhat taking the piss. This was before he left the project.

  23. well as far as Juno goes almost all cosmos alt coins went down that bad. I bought more at bottom and have evened out.

  24. i mean your heavily invested in the DEFI sector, during the WORST peroid for DEFI. Terra Luna alone set DEFI back 5 years; Fantom is likely grouped in with LUNA and Andre "leaving" didnt help at all, but that man is so weird as he's constantly in talks with the Fantom Foundation and tbh FTM is a strong project regardless. i cant speak for the other 2 but if the fundementals are as strong as you say you should be fine in 10 years. Some projects that might inspire you to stay in crypto are HBAR, Algorand, etc id say your set in terms of defi projects you should diversify to web 3, layer 1 projects, some metaverse tokens etc

  25. Stop looking at altcoins, that seems to be your problem. Bitcoin and ether should make up 95% of your portfolio.

  26. I don't know about 95%, but certainly a high percentag dependent on how much losing value would affect you. I go for 50% BTC/ETH. I also have a thesis behind the remaining small number of alts. I don't just go with "the next big thing."

  27. the problem is you think is about what is a "good project' and more than anything is about "how much risk i am exposing myself to", 90% lose is worst risk profile i have ever seen outside a casino my man.

  28. 'I'm not even dabbling with shitcoins' if your crypto portfolio isn't about 90% BTC or ETH then you are definitely dabbling with shitcoins.

  29. First of all, never listen to anyone who said they made 4x returns etc. Second always do your own research. Third all the market went down not only crypto but everything. Stop complaining. Everyone had some loss at one point. You are no exception buddy.

  30. Those are no name random crap coins man. I'm sorry you lost your money but perhaps try putting money into a coin with a longer history like Monero, Bitcoin Cash?

  31. You said- "I wasnt even dabbling with shitcoins." Skill building challenge #1 for you is to learn how to accurately identify a shit coin.

  32. If you are not into buying ETH and BTC, have you considered buying L1 assets like Cosmos (ATOM) or DOT instead of tokens built on these chains.

  33. You got greedy dude. If you haven't put at least something on BTC/ETH it's hard to sympathise

  34. I think during a bear, inverstors generally hold only a few blue chips and thats all. Sticking to btc and eth and a few more if wished. Of course this is not a financial advice but it seems to me that there is a reason for it. It is safer since many alts will not be around there in the future.

  35. Don’t invest in things you’re excited about - you’re not 12 years old - invest in things with good fundamentals

  36. I would humbly suggest a bit of a mindset change. I often see this and I have to wonder, were people with this current give up mindset because now we are in another bear market even in any sort of place to have investments in the first place? Before you invest in a larger way, you should have a handle on your debt, have some savings, and firstly invest into your ROTH or other tax sheltered investment vehicle. That is first. Crypto crashed, and we are in a bear market. that doesn't mean now you can't make money. Swing trade the shit out of BTC and ETH channels. If you did that for these past months, you would not be so upset.

  37. Your first clue that Fantom was a scam should have been at the very beginning when the [completely unknown] team claimed the network did 300,000 tps—and doing this at a time when no other crypto was even doing 1000tps…

  38. Go with a project characterised by a relentless community, no VC funding and a fair POW distribution. This way you diminish hero-personnel risk, mitigate VC/founder ‘godmode’ acts against the serfs… leaves doors open for a community to collectively contribute.

  39. If it's not BTC or ETH, it's a shitcoin. Don't gamble on shitcoin if you can't handle the losses. If you want to invest in crypto, buy BTC and ETH. If you want to speculate on 'use cases', buy shitcoins.

  40. I feel you man. Did your dd but got rekt outside of your control. Spread out. Large caps some mids and maybe a small cap. But also outside of crypto. Stocks bonds indexes you name it. This is all to not get hurt too bad when something out of your control fucks you over.

  41. 99.9% of people that put their life savings into Crypto never succeed. You are desperate and that is why you will always fail until you become practical.

  42. Going in on any of the coins you listed with any significant amount of money was your first mistake. Most of it should be in at least the top 10 coins, arguably just ETH and BTC with small dabblings in lesser coins with use cases you find appealing.

  43. You were invested into ALL of those unrelated projects? Seems like just serious bad luck to me. How were you so spread out? Really hard for me to believe that you got hit on 4 different ecosystems in a row. Luna, Fantom, Cosmos and Polkadot while I have remained on BNB Chain this whole time. You bridge a lot?

  44. I felt the same way in late 2018. Think I was down 90% from my highs or so. Decided to consolidate, get rid of the crap stuff and keep going. Thank god I made this decision. It was a tough few years, but at one point on paper my holdings were x354 what they were at that point. Sold a lot recently – paid off the mortgage and have cash sidelined. I can’t imagine the regret I would have if I had walked away and given up.

  45. you're doing too much. don't blame the game for your mistakes. all you gotta do is dca and hodl the big coins like btc and eth

  46. Despite what people on this sub may say, crypto is extremely volatile and has a long treacherous road to any kind of large scale application and adoption.

  47. dust yourself off and get up man. you can do it. realize that you are a necessary component of this system,that in order for the winners to keep reaping benefits they need marks like you to fall face first over and over again.

  48. The last bear market was in 2017-2019. So this year is a bear market and you will multiply your money when next bull run starts in few years. If what you are holding increase a lot sell and buy in next crash and if not just hold on in safe cold wallet for next bull run.

  49. Why not gamble in BTC or ETH.. you'd still have your $. Use a better ratio as well... 50% BTC/ETH, 50% altcoins..

  50. You should understand one simple thing - buying crypto is not "investing into a project", it's rather speculating on high risk sea shells with the holes that others will but them after you.

  51. A lot of people are going to read your comment and come to the conclusion that you were gambling on shitcoins.

  52. I mean this in the most respectful way, but everything you bought were shitcoins. Bitcoin is the market leader for a reason. I personally hold other tokens like ETH and ADA but I know exactly why I am holding them. They still carry a lot of risk, the whole space does. We are in a legal, regulatory limbo created by cypherpunks that wanted to fight the government and provide sound money to humanity. Don't just buy every token that some VC shills because they speak eloquently. Learn how Bitcoin works, like really Learn. And then move on to projects which deviated from Bitcoin's protocol to find new use cases and new test new theories. You have a journey ahead of you and it will be exciting. Please just stop buying shitcoins.

  53. Why does no one listen when we say 50% of your portfolio should be BTC and ETH. Don't invest in coins that have no developers if you can't stomach losing everything.

  54. Why are you dabbling in ALT COINS if you can’t handle the volatility? Why aren’t you holding any BTC or ETH??? Did you buy the dip in June/July?? I doubled my crypto saving with ETH alone in the last month.

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