I love Bitcoin! But there is a big ratio of hardcore BTC holders that treat all Altcoins as they shouldn't even exist in the first place.

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  1. Totally, two different things grouped together, one group expand rapidly and riddled with scams. Some are legit and good, but they’re just too different in nature compared to Bitcoin.

  2. I agree. Cryptocurrency (a crypto replacing the financial system or banks) something I don’t really believe in.

  3. It’s funny how Bitcoin libertarians will suck the dick of the free market but rally against all the competitors and complements to Bitcoin that only exist because of free market principles

  4. I will support the right of others to start whatever shitcoins they want -- I will just never support them with my money.

  5. No one from bitcoin is trying to ban them though. It’s ok to have an opinion that’s something sucks

  6. Most of us against shitcoins learned our lesson from 2017. None of the top shitcoins are even worth close to what they were back then, including ethereum which is down 50% from its 2017 ath of 0.125btc per Eth. Let that sink in before you jump to conclusions.

  7. Nah i think it's only the new investors that are maxis. They went all in into Bitcoin and resent when others don't do the same. They got into Bitcoin to enrich themselves and don't have the self awareness to see how they have turned themselves into shills.

  8. To be perfectly honest, I slowly start to think that ETH and few other alts actually have some value. Everything else is just pure garbage.

  9. You are right. So many Projects are just scams from the beginning or have no value because they habe nothing to offer, yet people buy them.

  10. The vast majority of alts are pure garbage! You just don't want to point out any specific coins or the followers will get very upset.

  11. The problem is that they still think ETH is a shitcoin despite watching the ecosystem growing for years

  12. Eth is definitely looking like a front runner in this competition as the market cap would suggest but also cos I legit have so much faith in vitalik for some reason i trust him to deliver aside from that every other coin just seems like it’s mimicking what already exists with the exception of monero that’s actually doing something unique in that it’s completely private and untraceable

  13. I don’t care which coin exists. I don’t want to see people crying that they lost their money in a rug pull. If you want crypto exposure bitcoin is the safest bet. There is a reason why when countries talk about crypto they single out bitcoin not some shit coin

  14. Why's that? I know there is a lot of trash out there in the cryptosphere but there are definitely some alts with value that BTC cannot provide in its current state (privacy, dapps, etc) so I think there is definitely a place for a few alts that are decentralized in nature and do what they do very well. But BTC is the OG and there is certainly a large place for it in my portfolio.

  15. Yep me too. But I still see value on these Alts trying new things. Ultimately I think all the useful Alts will be tied to btc via side chains. Use btc token and security, but the alt chain provides more use cases.

  16. lol buttcoin is the anti thesis to bitcoin maxis, its actually quite hilarious as a centralist reading threads on both

  17. Because it is the only truly decentralised one, born out of altruistic means. It's the only honest crypto. The forefather. A vision came to life. All others exist knowing profit is to be made, not to change the world and free our financial shackles.

  18. Not a maxi but there is no reason for 99% of alts to exist at all. Most of them won't excel at even one particular thing. All they have is a name and a logo. Garbage.

  19. Some of them offer privacy. Bitcoin doesn't. Bitcoin is 7 TPS. That is a fucking joke. There's really no reason for Bitcoin to exist anymore, it doesn't do anything that the other coins don't do better.

  20. But the ones that do exist in 10 years and have a larger following than they do now will likely have much larger gains than the two mega cap BTC/ETH. Risk vs reward.

  21. Get past a few bear cycles and you too will become a maxi. Or enjoy version 3.0 of ELONCUMROCKET or whatever comes next to steal people’s attention (and money).

  22. If a coin has a CEO it isn't decentralised. Altcoins can exist. But there's no real need for them. If they all disappeared. Bitcoin would be fine.

  23. Not a turbo maxi myself, but you will understand those turbo btc maxis more as the time passes and you keep yourself in the scene.

  24. How will Bitcoin handle security going forward? Every halving reduces issuance and transaction fees do not seem to be going up based on the trend in the past few years. Will Bitcoin remove its hard cap? (bad idea since only 21 million is one kf the main reasons people buy it)

  25. dunno...maybe because they've watched a huge chunk of these other projects drop by 90% in the last couple months. I wouldn't count myself as "hardcore" btc holder. I own plenty of alt coins, but the last few months have really changed the way I invest. I'm putting all new money into BTC and ETH...I'll hold the rest of my alts with the hopes that I can recoup my losses, but I think it will be a long while till I put new money into any of them.

  26. I like other projects but am only holding BTC at this point. BTC is risky enough as it is and everything moves with BTC anyway.

  27. Two extremes, neither of which are healthy. BTC is very good, there’s a reason it’s the best but solely relying on it will not net you the most profit

  28. Maxis treat it like a pseudo-religion and have embraced it as there personalities. Any questioning of BTC or different ideas is therefore a direct personal attack. It’s crazy how in their own heads they get about an asset, you don’t even really see pro gold people hate on other metals like this.

  29. Reminds me of the 90s when people said the internet would take over the majority of business and democratize information. They seemed the fanatics too

  30. Or maybe some of us OG crypto guys have just closed the door silently on BTC while the class of 2017 now commands the air waves.

  31. I think the only issue is the deliberate obfuscation by proponents of alt-coiners that their coins are like BTC and decentralised like BTC.

  32. Hey man, would you rather own some askJeeves stock or Google stock? Amazon stock? Or AOL? It's easy to say knowing the outcome of each company. Crypto is the same thing. Except bitcoin is the movement and alts are the get rich quick folk.

  33. To be honest most of the alt coins are shit and serve no real purpose. Although I hold small bags of some shit coins, personally I don’t think they hold water against the utility and fundamentals of say Cardano or Polygon. Those two along with Eth and Btc are likely to remain standing in 15 years.

  34. The problem with all of these alts is that many of them turn out to be scams or rugpulls. It makes the whole crypto space look bad. Bitcoin gets a guilt by association rap.

  35. Exactly. They benefit from Bitcoin's name then harm it. Often under the generic "crypto" term.

  36. It's because the future of BTC rests on its price doubling every four years, expodentially, forever. Since the chain decided it's better to have small blocks with maximally high fees and few users, than to bring in lots of users (and then fees) through any viable use case. In other words its security budget is running out, in about 12 years it won't be secure unless fees or the price greatly pick up.

  37. If Bitcoin was the only crypto, then I wouldn't be in crypto. It's too slow, fees to high, and wastes too much energy. I'm better off using PayPal.

  38. Lol you are getting downvoted for pointing out an actual long term risk associated with Bitcoin going forward. In fact I would argue that BTC's price MUST increase more than 2 times each halving since the level of security it will need must be higher as Bitcoin becomes bigger. Imagine if the price only increases 2 times by 2024 you would still have a similar level of security based on miner revenue but 2 timesthe market cap

  39. So this sounds like a post about POS over POW. POW Is better than POS. In POS the more coins you have, the more you will get rewarded. This leads to more centralisation. Basically the rich get richer.

  40. I got perma banned from btc sub because I said algorand and cosmos are good alt coins. I swear they just jack themselves off to btc and truly believe btc is the only crypto that can exist. I love btc and to me its the gold standard of crypto but there's definitely room for other crypto as well.

  41. The more I look at Bitcoin halving and transaction fees the more I realise Ethereum's lowest viable issuance model is superior to Bitcoin's issuance model.

  42. Those people imho look at other projects, as the tradFi guys looked at BTC when it launched …

  43. Haha exactly this, Maxi's love to talk shit about NoCoiners but are essentially the crypto community equivalent.

  44. It's because anytime you use a modern crypto you see how obsolete Bitcoin is. You see that it shouldn't take minutes or hours for a transaction to go through and it shouldn't cost several dollars. All the new ones take a few seconds and cost a penny. Once you get started using a modern crypto why would you ever go back to something like bitcoin?

  45. Bitcoin on the Lightning Network is literally the fastest and cheapest way to use crypto, cope

  46. Because it is the only truly decentralised one, born out of altruistic means. It's the only honest crypto. The forefather. A vision came to life. All others exist knowing profit is to be made, not to change the world and free our financial shackles.

  47. Because time has proven the odds always favor bitcoin. Every cycle the top 10 have always been different. 99% of all alt coins never return to ATH after a bear market. Bitcoin has consistently been number 1 and has always beaten its ATH after a bear market.

  48. It's not up to anyone to decide that anyone else's opinion is incorrect. If someone doesn't like alts that's their deal. If someone doesn't like BTC or crypto in general that's their deal. If projects are going to succeed it's on them to prove their worth to the public. This is how free market works and there is nothing you it anyone else can do to change it.

  49. Because they think all altcoin except bitcoin are scams or just take the opportunity to get rich quick. In btc maxi, bitcoin it is perfect there is no need for any altcoins to exist

  50. I don’t buy Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin served a solid purpose. I don’t believe it’s the future. That’s my opinion and that’s how I invest in crypto - I search for AOL’s replacement.

  51. Alt coins are really risky to hodl. So you trade them and make money from them, which you invest back into BTC, which is where the long term reside.

  52. By old hardcore users you mean people that reached high gains investing early in BTC. Of course they will disdain any other crypto currency, as is very unlikely that any of them will repeat BTC's valuation.

  53. Me neither. I hold both BTC and alts. But I also pigeon hole my tribal instincts in other ways such as football teams. Finance matters shouldn't ever be tribal.

  54. I mean you gotta agree it's getting outta hand regarding the amount of altcoins ( i think it's somewhere at 18k), i agree that got ahead of ourselves on this front, first thing we need mass adoption of Bitcoin and them increase the amount of alts.

  55. I agree and don’t quite understand it. Sometimes I have to go back and see if I’m in bitcoin or buttcoin. (Sorry, not linking to either)

  56. Bitcoin doesn't care about speech, opinions, tweets, maxis, me or you. Bitcoin is what it is for you. So what do you care. Just don't listen and keep staking sats

  57. I totally agree with you. The DeFi ecosystem that Ethereum enables - though it has it's issues - is the realisation of the principles behind the bitcoin whitepaper. Anyone can be the lender, the borrower, the hodler, custody their own funds without permission or middle men. Maxis can't see how this is a good thing.

  58. The core of original bitcoiners are heavily libertarian. Everybody, whatever their ideological orientation knows that crypto is full of scams and incompetence. These bitcoiners don't want government to step in to regulate the sector to combat these evils, so they have to do it through persuasion, even if their stridency has the effect of turning people off from their opinions.

  59. If anything, having all these altcoins bring people in, and when they crash hard people end up appreciating bitcoin even more.

  60. I dont think alot of oldschool bitcoiners are in this category, mostly recent entrants that has been totally brainwashed by sailor and the rest of the cultists.

  61. When you find your squeeze you tend to put less effort into looking into anything else. I'd imagine a lot of maxis may make the assumption that everything else is trying to be like Bitcoin because to them all crypto is about is the inevitability of replacing centralized inflationary fiat currency with btc, which obviously isn't the case. There are new ways of improving existing systems with tech that crypto is exploring with the tokenization of unique digital assets.

  62. Shitcoiners fail to appreciate the balance of elements that give bitcoin its unique properties. They trade that balance for personal gain.

  63. It's been said 99% of alt coins are shit coins. We can probably state as a fact but even those alt coins from the past that got huge hype that potentially had a chance are now considered shit coins....anyone remember Pivx, List, Vertcoin, etc etc that actually had potential?

  64. You can count on your hands alt coins that really worth it. The problem is a lot of them just change one fundamental aspect of Bitcoin and called themselves different, and many of those were proved scams

  65. Btc maxis , eth maxi, ada maxis. They are all just different shades of the same kind of loser. Smart people in this game don't give af about any particular chain and just follow the money/trends

  66. For me the projects that worth something are BTC, ETH, ADA, ALGO, DOT and MATIC. Then I have some more risky coins like CKB or LRC.

  67. To be fair, most altcoins should not exist. Only a few of them have any utility, almost all others are just copy of those or of btc. Doge is a prime example of this.

  68. Your problem is you think POS has benefits. It literally spells out: piece of shit. If you being up energy consumption you will get smacked off the universe for being a stupid parrot that cant think.

  69. Agree. 98% of alts are crap, but many have potential. My favorite alts are ETH, ATOM (+entire cosmos network), and ILV. But yeah, most other alts I’d agree are pretty crap. Polygon, IMX, DOT, and Avax I think also have potential

  70. what's funny is Bitcoin literally has no competition. But for bitcoin to grow, it actually relies on blockchain adoption.

  71. ALTs are more volatile… even more than BTC… and that matters a great deal if you are a trader… truth is, people don’t care about technicalities, they are more interested in opportunities to make more money, and Alts provide that… to me, this is their greatest utility…

  72. I honestly don’t see the appeal of investing into something that is 1/3 of its highest value in less than a year.

  73. I think the hard thing to wrap one’s head around (myself included- it took me quite a while, and quite a lot of listening to people way smarter than I am to fully grasp it)- Bitcoin is fundamentally in a separate class than all other cryptos. I don’t mean it’s classier, and I don’t mean it’s “better” necessarily if you compare it with all digital programming. It is the best at the class it occupies on its own, which is digital money.

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