Marc Cuban and a CEO of a Cardano blockchain company have a relatively productive back and forth, surprising many

  1. I barely come to this sub anymore, but when I do, and when I click on pretty much any positive and-or neutral news on Cardano and you are always there, hating under some pretense of objectivity despite very rarely considering any potential benefit to Cardano. Seems rather tireless. I take my news from you with a grain of salt considering you're clearly emotionally invested in tearing down Cardano given your type of activity around Cardano posts here.

  2. Cardano, it’s not the fastest, no the most decentralised, no the safest.. TBS is very slow, nothing with value is build on Ada… don’t have oracles, HRA, on-chain governance, Inter chain, interporality, privacy, slashing, etc …

  3. Why have you been posting this exact same reply in every Cardano post recently? This post was merely about a discussion between Mark and a CEO of one of the biggest Cardano projects.

  4. It doesn't, but I guess some of us in the Cardano community thinks it does. I personally don't really listen to Cuban about crypto, especially since he's been involved w/ projects that failed like Titan and Voyager.

  5. Pretty sure every blockchain is not even close to being finished. Even Bitcoin is still being developed, and it's been here for almost 13 years.

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