What happens if ETH gets forked before the Merge to spawn a PoW chain? Some scenarios

  1. I think literally the only reason is to get it for your current ETH positions for free and don't have to buy ETC.

  2. This makes me think about the ‘spork’, that thing some fast food chains give to you that looks like a spoon but it is also a fork

  3. Poloniex announced it will list the two potential forked ETH tokens, two new tokens with no market value or utility and guess who is a major Poloniex investor: Justin Sun.

  4. Miners will look for mew potential revenue sources. There is a very good chance the forked eth survived for quite some time. If it survives and has decent security there’s almost a guarantee devs will build.

  5. Just look how much mining hash there is and how much was invested for it. The support for POS is pushed by the ETH Foundation so there is plenty of support for POW from other sources.

  6. There's already dozens of Bitcoin forks. Only Bitcoin cash seems like it has a strong following. I'd expect another Ethereum fork to either fail to get major exchange listing's and effectily die as miners move to Ethereum classic, or new fork gets exchange support but DeFi activity is dead on it and it's just there for pump and dumps off the Ethereum brand like Ethereum classic

  7. And BCH has itself forked multiple times into BitcoinSV, BitcoincashABC (now rebranded as eCash) and bitcoincash core.

  8. ETH classic is POW and will remain so - these miners are just trying take advantage of all the attention now - complete money grab -

  9. There’s a lot of ETH already being staked, PoS is being heavily supported; especially during a bear market like this.

  10. Nothing, the POS chain has the full backing of the foundation and will receive all future development and L2 support. Current dapps will be maintained, and future ones built on the POS chain. Any forked POW chain will inherit none of ETH’s ecosystem, and is really just another ETC (a smart contract chain with no usage). We already have smart contract development on other POS chains, there is no reason at all to think it won’t happen on the main supported ETH chain.

  11. Wouldn't that be something if everyone was invested in ETH POS and it got errors and went to zero while the POW chain just continueed on as normal and all the developers stayed with their projects there. Would be a total reset of ETH and get rid of the greedy foundation at the top.

  12. ETC is not a fork my dude, it's the original ETH. But anyway, you're right, ETC is and will remain PoW. So really, these assholes are just stirring up problems so they can make a quick profit $

  13. How would you value this fork when it will literally duplicate the current chain. Like what would a market cap look like for this?

  14. It does not cost Justin Sun anything to support it. He will get those 1M PoW ETH for free thanks to the fork as long as he put as many ETH on chain before the fork. Then he can prop it up and slowly dump Don't be his exit liquidity.

  15. Justin sun is a piece of shit. He’s just trying to weaken Ethereum’s network effect by supporting a POW fork, to bring up his own solution Tron…

  16. ethereum already split in two. Vitalik and the devs halted the chain and reversed mega transactions that meant almost certain death for ETH in what was known as the ‘DAO Hack’ in 2016. ethereum classic honored the hack concluding that code is law.

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