Bitcoin is about to have its biggest monthly gain since October 2021.

  1. I've been consulting my tea leaves, drawing tarot cards, conducting interviews via ouija board, and reviewing astrology charts for crypto market insight and have concluded that I've just been screwing around.

  2. It’s basic math how is nobody pointing this out ? BTC also fell to a new low since 2020. Obviously it’s gonna have better months then the last year

  3. We are about to have a too post about how we shouldn't believe OP and it will include some bullet points. Then someone else will post something else with even more bullet points about how OP is actually right, it will include something political, some charts from 2014 and some words I won't understand.

  4. I still think this is a summer of 2018 type of situation. Hope to get out of the bottom, create a significant rally, only for it to collapse like a house of cards and reach the true bottom.

  5. The moonboys are so annoying - I actually kind of want them to get burned and cry when they realize they bought before the real black friday discounts.

  6. It's almost like there are multiple groups of people who all have their own beliefs about where the market is going.

  7. Someone gotta make a really depressing video with those lyrics or just that song. That's Crypto 1:1.

  8. GDP statistics honestly aren’t that bad given what’s happens the past several years. Labor market is holding up well. Inflation is bad but it possibly peaked as energy prices are dropping. Overall the economy is still chugging along rather well and there’s still lots of flowing money out there.

  9. I personally wouldnt say that. We will go for 100k one day surely but it's very likely not gonna be this year.

  10. It's only looking good because it stopped going down. We've got along road ahead to see gains for most people.

  11. What else we can ask for, when market was pumping everyone said this the bull trap and once it will bounce from the resistance it will fall badly.

  12. I wish people predicting Bitcoin prices could put some of their money in a smart contract somewhere. If their prediction turns out to be true, they get their money back along. If it doesn't, then their money gets distributed amongst the people who sign up.

  13. The stock market also had it's best month in a long time. Not a coincidence. It's really unfortunate that crypto and the stock market are so highly correlated now. The Federal Reserve and Inflation and Unemployment numbers decide how well we do.

  14. I hear more people say that August will be a bigger decline. But why would there be in August a huge decline? I'm still bearish don't get me wrong. But apart from the inflation, housing markets, war in Europe and the overall sentiment which will cause a prolonged bearmarket imo, why will it decline more in August? Are there any announcements coming?

  15. When someone says “we are about to have the biggest X,” I get the hint that the opposite will happen.

  16. This doesn't seem to mean much given that it's still over 50% down and there's not a very positive economic outlook

  17. Not a chart guy but based soly on upcoming mid term elections. Dems gonna want to pump everything. They win, they rug pull, red takes over they really gonna rug pull. I'm not bullish at all.

  18. This is idiotic. If you buy BTC now, you WILL get rekt this month. Go ahead and listen to these fake @$$ moonboys. They know Mt. Gox is going to distribute 137k BTC’s this month, and that will cause a major dump. This is their last chance to make money off crypto noobs, hence, the moonboy baity BS post like this one.

  19. Idiotic is thinking he said you should buy right now. Only think moonish he said is that there may still be some relief left in the rally...and that is true, although low probability. I didn't see his post as moonboy at all. BTC pulled almost 17% gain in July. That's not nothing. Will it drop back down before running again? Yeah, I'm betting it does.

  20. I can't count the more negative news that can happen to the market that is happening to the market at the moment.

  21. Just let it do its thing. People see it's up for the week and suddenly make bold gain predictions. Remember when everyone said btc to 100k eoy last year? All those crypto financial experts? Yeah.

  22. Usually BTC rallies during summer but is down fast during Sept or October. But I would still be careful since the Fed is pumping the market right now.

  23. It actually did. August closed out with almost a 17% gain. Largest monthly gain since Oct 21, hands down.

  24. You not able to look at charts? It's just truth. July just closed out up almost 17%, as the largest monthly gain for BTC since October 21 and almost matches July 21.

  25. This is likely a short term relief rally. It didn't stop me from accumulating more oracle tokens yesterday though.

  26. ... we're still looking at a other ATH sometime next year (at the earliest) but more likely 2024. Nothing has changed whatsoever 😂 just looks like the bottom wasn't quite as low as some might have thought.

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