Daily General Discussion - June 30, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. While I don't think this is the final bottom, it was nice buying my DCA near the bottom before a pump for once!

  2. Bottom is still not in if there are still self-entitled people who expect their alts to go up just because BTC did. We need to flush these idiots out of the market.

  3. The best times to invest in Bitcoin seem to be when the headlines say it is complete shit. IDK, maybe not, just an observation.

  4. Alts suddenly hemorrhaging as BTC tries to poke its head above 19k again. I wonder if this means we're about to be solidly placed below the 2018 ath (and by that I mean with no chance of recovery in the short term)

  5. Oh well, I held ETH through the 2017 bull market peak at $1,400, bought more down at $80 in 2018, then held all the way through the $4,700 peak, and did not even have the staking excuse as to why the hell I never sold. FML.

  6. Do any wallets have BTC, Monero, and non EVM chain connectivity? For example, metamask has eth, bsc, etc. But these are all similar and EVM and you can use the same wallet. But my understanding is you would have a different wallet address for BTC, Monero, BCH etc as they have different DLTs. Is there a wallet that lets you use these disparate chains in one tool, and if so does it just store different wallet addresses for each chain? How does seed recovery phrase then work? Is the seed tied to all addresses, or do you need a different seed for each chain?

  7. One seed phrase per wallet regardless of the different addresses. I use SafePal for BTC and CKB but it supports a bunch of chains. Sadly no Monero though, but it has BSC and many other chains

  8. Nope, Celsius will be forced to liquidate all their assets to pay creditors “not the people who let them money” I don’t know how much btc they have left, but they will need to sell it.

  9. I think it was tailored a bit more narrow than that, there was worry that it would be overly broad and grind agencies to a halt by not allowing congress to defer rulemaking authority, but I think that concern has passed.

  10. Damn, Algo governance period 4 registration is already up?! I’ll wait til I get my period 3 reward before I register, so I can commit those too lol 😝

  11. It seems we struck digital gold we did. It hedged against inflation it has. Man I love these bitcoins they're such a delicious chocolate coin especially during the holidays.

  12. I've been in crypto for just over a year and 1 thing I've learnt is when Saylor buys we need to sell, every single time he's bought we always have dipped soon after, every single time.

  13. The world is in a shitty state and its only gonna get worse, crypto falls further down, can i have some good fucking news im tired

  14. I am sorry to tell you but crypto currencies are an entirely risk-on speculative asset and when money gets expensive to borrow, large investment groups aren't in a position to speculate

  15. I have all my crypto savings stored in WXT right now, on my Wirex wallet, it has remained stable the past few weeks even with BTC dropping and ETH dropping. I want to move some into ETH- is now the right time? I know nobody knows for sure but $1000 looks to be the bottom?

  16. Bank of International Settlements proposed today that all banks be allowed to hold 1% of reserves in BTC. Now imagine in 6 years when they recommend 10%...

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