If we were to see the Stock Exchanges of the world end as we know it and be replaced with blockchain equivalents, which chain would it be on and why?

  1. I'm going with Algorand simply because from the ones I've used it seems to be the most user friendly

  2. If you're not spending all your free time shilling your favourite coin, you ain't doing crypto right.

  3. For years, my wife and I couldn’t get pregnant. We tried everything from wild new sexual positions to meticulously tracking her ovulation cycle, but nothing worked.

  4. It might be irritating to you, but if enough people are saying the same thing, it might be worth having a look at the project if you havent already. Im no shill, but personally, i feel like id be dropping the ball if i didnt hold a few bags of it, at least.

  5. They're probably not going to be on one blockchain. I'm not sure why that assumption is being made here. I suppose it could happen, but it's relatively rare to see that kind of a monopoly. It seems to me what you're asking would've been like asking, "It's clear that stock exchanges will eventually all be online. Which ISP do you think they'll use?" Back in the early 90s.

  6. You can’t patent tokenised stocks or any code for that matter. They may have a copyright for some version they created but that’s completely different

  7. That's not happening any time soon and by the time it does the whole ecosystem will be different with new blockchain and new technology.

  8. Probably the right answer, but let the contestants line themselves up and be tested, or else that new technology may never get noticed.

  9. Blockchain operations can be effectively instantaneous. It is only the confirmations that take more time, but that is also true of an off-chain exchange.

  10. The Constellation $DAG ecosystem of Generative Economics. In large part due to its level the playing field of machine driven advantages that institutions have benefitted from for far too long..

  11. I believe this will eventually be done on an Ethereum roll-up. No chains are ready right now but rollups are the only thing that will be ready eventually and are actually sustainable without major compromises.

  12. Nexa just launched and is specifically designed to be a 'financial blockchain'. It has all the scaling properties of Bitcoin Cash, and then some (because it's from the developers at Bitcoin Unlimited who also maintain a BCH node). But the Nexa chain is starting from scratch with a brand new genesis block. Nexa offers 2 minute block times, dynamically adaptive block size (= no more blocksize wars) and native, miner-validated tokens. Stock traders will probably insist on nothing less than these kinds of natively created, unruggable tokens to represent their shares. The omission of any EVM (not really necessary for most financial ops) should keep the Nexa chain and smart contracts simple, robust, and relatively hack-resistant. Nexa seems perfectly suited for OP's application. Because it is so new, however, it needs a bit more time to build up the more sophisticated developer tools.

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