And just like that Harmony one to be Harmony Done!

  1. It’s not a bad strategy, from what I’ve been digging through the Harmony chain and the bridge is perfectly fine and secure.

  2. Price is up, no one seems to care. Harmony chain is completely in tact. It was 100m in liquidity lost though. That’s a lot right now.

  3. Dude you'll lose more if you let it go to zero if it does. Better set a price threshold where you run and salvage what you can if you have some ONE holding. Not every profit needs to be acquired through hodling or whatever these stupid influencers are telling you.

  4. I know a few take the piss and say do the opposite this sub tells you to do but recently it's been pretty damn accurate

  5. People in this sub need to realise that they are often the hype and mass inflow of investors that they think they’re waiting on. It’s them buying the tops of massive runs (believing it’s just the beginning) and then getting left holding the bags and watching them bleed.

  6. Just listened to a AMA with the team and large investors. Most projects are staying, only 2 are leaving. Harmony will be fine

  7. Can’t wait. Algorand actually has some promise and good track history. If it fails, we will know we are in trouble.

  8. At this point I’m considering in investing in solana despite all the down time just because this sub believes it’ll fail

  9. ALGO doesn't matter to the foundation. It's existence is only to prove that their blockchain works. It's a real life testnet for the foundation's true goal: developing blockchain tech for companies.

  10. But I only need one more to fill out my bingo card! If SOL goes I win 1 Billion DOGE (which we all know will never die somehow)

  11. More ETH alts will follow, which is what happened last time. Only this time there are a lot more that will die off before the next bull.

  12. It seems like a conspiracy but I did feel the same way. 2 out 4 multi sig wallet to unlock tokens. It's insane.

  13. It’s odd that these projects deemed so sturdy through the bull run and solid investment opportunities are dropping like flies. ONE was one of my best alt coins during 2021 and made some solid profits from it. No longer have a position and haven’t for months but I made some good cash off this. Sorry to see it go…

  14. There are a lot of sayings about this, which are coming from the stock market but are just as true in crypto. Things like "the bear takes out the trash" and "everyone is a genius in a bull market".

  15. Bites the dust? Are people too young to remember Ethereum being exploited and needed a complete fork? Sure it is bad for the coin but they can totally survive this, even the number 2 coin did.

  16. If you are staking your ONE it takes a week or so to get your tokens back once unstaked, so be interesting to see what happens to the price after then.

  17. I have 150.0 one on the exchange. I think I spent $15 last summer so I’ll just keep it and see what happens…luckily I didn’t buy more!

  18. So this was not done by the person who stole funds on the Ethereum side but the ones helding assets on harmony side?

  19. Yes, they did it quick before anyone else do the same thing. Because those tokens on Harmony sides are basically worthless.

  20. Yeah it's 24h later and still not even a slight dump for ONE, interesting. Maybe this really is FUD from OP

  21. When it was LUNA and Celsius, this sub got all cocky and spammed “this is what happens when you get greedy!” posts.

  22. Do your own research it's 100 million exploit to say every token on ONE is worthless is spreading FUD. It's 100 million dollars worth of tokens will reduce the price of assets because it's no longer back by 100 million worth of tokens.

  23. It is more than a third of ONE market cap. And the market cap should not be understood that you could sell them all for the total value of market cap you see.

  24. You kind of sound like you're excited about this, while people are losing money on this. You come off as someone who just couldn't stand Harmony ONE and enjoys seeing things go wrong. Rub it in a bit more.

  25. The Harmony chain isn't done. This guy just has a super hard on for hating Harmony. Yes the hack really sucks and it's gonna set things back, but the chain itself is safe. This guy is just a moon farmers taking advantage of a situation to get some gains. When confronted earlier it was like the last time he was active on chain was six months ago and hardly knows what's going on

  26. all I say is this. Do DYOR a little bit deeper before you say you still believe. This is what I did and why I dumped my bag.

  27. 50% BTC, 25% ETH, and 25% split between 5-10 alts. Aside from a bear market this is a bulletproof strategy, I’m absolutely going ham filling my bags up.

  28. I find it funny that people who told me i was an idiot for buying safemoon recommended all the projects that went to shit in the last few weeks.

  29. You're basically dictating the doom of the entire ecosystem because an exploit on one of the bridges (Bitcoin and BSC are OK)? As someone who invests primarily on Harmony's dApps I got a little concerned at first because I thought a Anchor protocol situation had happen on Harmony.

  30. Oh shit, here we go again. Is anyone keeping tabs on how many projects failed this month? Terra, Celsius, Arrow, now Harmony. Any others?

  31. Someone came up with the Harmony done crack and you came up with entire post just reiterating what we already know all so you could copy the pun.

  32. Interesting, Stansberry Research has a crypto portfolio and Harmony is one of the several coins they recommend to buy right now.

  33. I can't really wait for his as well because soon everything will change according to the time and Technology it is going to come

  34. My ONE is staked so I can't do anything even if I wanted. Plus it's lost so much value from when I bought in, no point in selling now anyway...

  35. Insane that people are still fading ONE. Harmonys one of the few coins I have considerable faith in and I don’t even hold any - the treasury has enough funds to fix this and the team is doxxed ivy grads living in San Fran. Decent sized risk but if crypto doesn’t fail - neither does harmony.

  36. Such a stupid comment saying the treasury has all the money to fix. Stop being delusional. The moment they take the money to buy stolen tokens for reimbursement, price is dropping real bad.

  37. Such a stupid comment saying the treasury has all the money to fix. Stop being delusional. The moment they take the money to buy stolen tokens for reimbursement, price is dropping real bad.

  38. I get jelly seeing new coins here sometimes. I look at my Algo and think it’s boring but lately I’ve been very happy I’ve just stuck with it. I’ll take boring.

  39. Stop with the fud! Yes there was an exploit found, which was found in ETH and ADA at some point as well. If ONE is a good project and it seems to be, it will be fixed and will move on just like ADA and ETH. People like you make others listening to you lose money. I'm holding my ONE and am sure it'll be just fine as a project moving forward.

  40. Did Harmony hurt you? Because you sound like it, you can report facts and let people decide if it's DONE or not there's no need to jump into conclusions.

  41. Well, I can say however they want. The fact presented does say it is DONE. I just feel if I don't say it that way, there will be guys telling people to buy the dip.

  42. You are right about it I don't really think that they will be able to recover from this kind of problem right now

  43. Id still buy back into ONE, just not now. I sold a while ago though. Everyone seems to have forgotten four year cycles. Beyond that I think ONE can bounce back as its fairly established now and doesn't necessarily need to peg to another coin anymore.

  44. Didn't realise how much of a wild west crypto was u till this bear market has started, and if its only the beginning, oh boy is this gonna be a bumpy ride!

  45. Now dont make the same mistake and throw a few k's in it like many people did with luna, cuz this Ship probably might even sink further into the ground.

  46. thinking of unstaking and selling at a huge loss, putting the remains into ETH. at least i can make it back when ETH hits 7k. ONEs whole gimmick was bridges and interoperability. if they cant get it right, well theyre fucked. they had time to fix this but instead started simping to the bored ape bullshit and singing.

  47. Yup. It’s hard to sit there with your small portfolio while every altcoin is pumping endlessly in the bull and going to be the next big thing according to this sub, but you’ll thank yourself when the market cops a reality check.

  48. Haha perfect timing. Several Harmony trolls attacking me in the comments of another post because their precious hippy coin was going no where from the start and it takes this for them to wake up. “But… no!! It’s everyone else’s fault!!!”

  49. It's a huge risk whether it will repeg or not, but you can buy usdc right now on harmony for 30 cents because all of the bridges are closed.

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