This sub needs some kind of mega thread for exchanges pros/cons

  1. That’s basically all of Reddit. Gotta blame urself at some point for starting every google search with

  2. Need to divide it up first into types. E.g. Popular exchanges (Binance, CB,, Cefi (exchanges that lend/borrow crypto: Nexo, Blockfi, Celcius) and Defi (Decentralised Finance e.g. 1inch, Uniswap, Osmosis).

  3. This is unfeasible because it would quickly get infected with opinion and not fact. Further, there is some information that we might not be able to get factually.

  4. In the Monero community we selected evidence for about 1.5 years regarding male practice by crypto exchanges.

  5. Yep!!! The biggest gripe with them is the Coinbase pro or now the regular Coinbase advance trading fees are the highest out of most exchanges.

  6. Exchanges are constantly changing like the rest of the industry. Any list would constantly be out of date/have old info. I think it’s honestly better to let them just ask in the daily, it’s all still up to date and if something new has happened more people will find out just by passively viewing the daily vs having to actively check an exchange thread.

  7. I think it’s a good idea. Wish there was more publicly available data about the different CEXs’ reserves and other assets; outside of CB and any others that are publicly traded that information may as well be non-existent for our analysis despite (imho) being the most important consideration for me during crypto winter and attendant financial strains they’re going through.

  8. I would take a guess and say the majority of people use only one or maybe two exchanges. Meanwhile there’s thousands of currencies to buy

  9. Problem with exchanges they don't serve all people the same way since we are from different countries I think going the collaborative approach works the best.

  10. It does not fit to the spirit of the original question, but I feel that any such mega thread should also have a list of the pros and cons of not using an exchange at all and managing your own keys.

  11. As far as exchanges go, time has done a work on me. At this point I can only recommend Kraken to family and friends. Ther was a time when I used many, but in one way or another they've all done something shady or scary and made me lose trust. The most recent was Voyager taking a $250 million loan. They haven't done anything yet to pause withdrawals but needing a liquidity injection tells me those nice interest rates they pay you to leave it on the exchange in their custody are once again proving to be dangerous. Remember guys NYK NYC. Don't leave stuff on exchanges forever.

  12. Tryout Fibswap, not an exchange, just a crosschain Bridge, no need to put crypto out of your wallet, you can exchange cross blockchain coin/tokens (aka you can exchange bnb to ftm, or shiba to polygon) on your own wallet,

  13. Celsius is boiling at 100° rn. I will try to use CEXes as little as i can, they become regulated af. Gonna use decentralized Wallets like Metamask and Xwallet and DEXes from UNI, KDX(gas free) to SUSHI ,JOE..

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