UK man about to marry S'porean loses life savings in crypto scam, attempts to rob store for wedding expenses

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  1. This guy looks like he's being scammed left and right. I'm even wondering if the fiancee is for real or a love scam too.

  2. Maybe. He is also a promising young white man who shouldn’t be stained by this minor lapse of judgment, so I could see him getting a 3 month sentence with some community service in the US. If he were anyone else, multiple years.

  3. Your honour, I give you Exhibit A, a shitpost on Reddit in which the defendant pokes fun at LUNA investors and excoriates them for not "doing their own research" and for "investing more than they can afford to lose". Clearly the defendant was aware of the risks of investing in cryptocurrency projects and failed to take his own sage advice. I move that the defendant receives the maximum penalty for attempted robbery and further that the moons he earned on said post are given to the shopkeeper as compensation.

  4. Well, I hope that is a strong message for those who put life savings or even Loans on Crytpo / Stocks. I can say that I have lost out on quite a bit of money but I knew the risk prior. I hope others are doing well out there and don't have to risk their lives to make ends meet.

  5. A lot of people don't have much of a savings and are using crypto as a last chance hail Mary.. happens all the time

  6. How sure are we that the Singaporean national wasn't just Do Kwon in drag? He did try to move his business to Singapore just before the crash.

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