Is this unbased?

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  1. And we’ll have the same problem if USD goes to nothing. Might be tough finding a buyer if none of us has money to buy your BTC

  2. The Bitcoin creators were geniuses when it comes to tech, but they had a very limited understanding how money works - and so they created something that simply doesn't work as money but as a speculative vehicle.

  3. What makes bitcoin powerful is not who owns what coins, is that the network is decentralized and there is a fixed supply. They can own a lot of coins, that doesn't give them more voting power on the protocol or any special privileges (aside from buying/selling pressure). If anything, the more institutions own it the more they have to lose, so they will push BTC adoption higher and higher to get their ROI.

  4. I do know, but if you’re using it to protect yourself against inflation, you’re doing a bad job right now. Also, we always say don’t invest an amount you can’t lose.. but you’re implying that you’ve invested everything.. because you’re hedging yourself

  5. If price goes high and whales hold piles, less and less gets traded by normal people. As its limited supply you can't print more if big investors have it all. My advice would be get as many Sats as you can while you can. Some can even buy a whole coin or two but that's out of my price range.

  6. Before USD became "Petro Dollar" it was just like any other currency. Oil trading with Gulf only in dollars made it what it is today. And I think every 50~60 years some some developments (technological and political) which s become the beginning of huge change. We are yet to find out if crypto combination with current situation (Ukraine War, UAE showing signs of crypto adoption) is one of those. I am inclined to believe it is...

  7. I think we need to DCA and not leverage trade. Other wise the same people who made current banking system will have the same power in crypto.

  8. The point was, when we’re sitting on huge profits and sell, someone is buying it. Unless you plan on holding forever.. which.. it’s kind of worth nothing but a number on a screen if you don’t realize the gains

  9. That’s the issue, albeit a good/fair one. But when we sell, which if we’re talking about a 10x gain, we as retail are selling. Billionaires and institutions may not… only making BTC harder to access. Eventually the whales will have the 21M BTC. I’d like to see a whale dominance chart… which it would be easy to make, I think we can make a rough one from whale watcher

  10. Some mention of this already but to elaborate. Dollar as we know it, the world reserve currency, is firmly grounded on it's function as the petro-dollar. All countries buying oil from OPEC must transact with USD, which means they must have some form of USD in their reserves (cash, Treasury bonds, ect). This necessity ensures it's prominence.

  11. Its not a full solution but it prevents the elite of printing endles money. So the bitcoin you have is defaltionairy instead of inflationairy. And noone can change that.

  12. The dollar will exist in some form (CBDC, most likely), but very soon it will lose its status of World Reserve Currency and be devalued entirely as fiat.

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