What are people thinking with this Cel short squeeze?

  1. The average idiot went from "occupy wall st" to worshipping big government and big corporate in just over a decade.

  2. It could also be large investors with connections to Celsius that are buying it. They would have helped Celsius out after making sure that Celsius has a long.

  3. There is no we. Some people who hated what happened in 2008 (like you and I) are in crypto for that reason. Some people (or institutions) that literally caused that problem are in crypto too. For now crypto is a free market. That means you cant control, regulate, or ban cryptos or people you dont like from investing.

  4. Yea for sure, I just hate to see such divide between what appears to be average investors over social platforms. Illl move on in 10 minutes. Had to take my bad morning out on something lol

  5. Celsius stole everyone's money and enriched themselves. Investors with Stockholm syndrome think it's everyone else's fault. Now they're trying to save it with this... it may work... I'd love to see the people that deposited there on lies get their investment back, the heads of Celsius broke and ridiculed... I suspect this short squeeze will make some retail money, but mostly help to further enrich the thieves and leave retail even more broke.

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