Crypto crash forces miners to sell hundreds of graphics cards during livestreamed auctions -

  1. it has been perma Christmas for gamers for years. You buy GPU to play games, and it earns you money when you're not playing. I bought my GPU for gaming and it not only paid itself back but made a nice profit on top. Yet gamers chose to talk smack about mining for years while sitting on sidelines. Made no sense to me.

  2. Hopefully this price crash will prevent Nvidia and AMD from increasing their MSRP of next generation GPUs as well as stop scalpers

  3. This isn't the first time GPUs went through a bull run. In 2017 the 1000s were completely sold out, then crypto crashed in 2018-2019.

  4. tldr; With Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto currencies losing value miners are forced to sell the graphics cards that were hoarded for profit. Internet Cafés were making money by buying large number of graphics cards with sole purpose of mining. These cards are now sold during livestream auctions where models such as RTX 3060 Ti can be obtained by as little as $300 to $400 USD.

  5. If you are wanting to buy a race horse that you expect to perform well you wouldn’t buy a retired one, no matter the pedigree. Especially not one that has likely had a hard life. Steer clear of these.

  6. A lot of them get underclocked so they last longer and use less electricity. So they are probably a pretty good deal.

  7. Actually miners maintain their cards far better than your average gamer. Plus running them at constant voltage and fan speed is good for the processor, memory and fan ball bearings than the fluctuating use of gamers which heat up and cools down the silicon as well as speed up and slow down the fans.

  8. My 3070TIs are kept at 74 degrees C and 140 watts consistently. You don’t want a card that’s been run like that? Feel free to buy some gamers overheated VR crappy 3090 then.

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