People are using the knowledge they have today to explain what was "obvious" in the last bear market, and are using this to predict the future. That's stupid.

  1. I don't see Ethereum below $400, but yes, the bottom signal is when everybody thinks crypto is dead. Right now there's too much optimism yet.

  2. At that time I will buy a couple. I don’t want others to bleed but I want to succeed. It’s going to take a crash for me to get my feet truly wet and I believe in what crypto has to offer for future technologies and infrastructure.

  3. I still don't understand how XRP remains the 6th biggest token in terms of capitalisation, despite its never ending lawsuit.

  4. The point you're making is definitely true but I think the argument that just buying BTC and ETH now is safer still stands.

  5. Luna had promising tech... That means not much in a bear market. The safest bet here are the bear market blues like BTC and ETH maybe even BNB.

  6. People are stupid. Easy to be prophet after something already happened. Nothing is obvious before it happen. If their predictions would be right they would be milionaires already.

  7. Exactly I agree. Crypto Market is absolutely unpredictable and really different each bullrun in one way or another. Although BTC and ETH is the safest but spending little money in good Alts can't hurt here and there

  8. At some point though, people have to explain why this time is different despite all evidence pointing to it totally being the same. What's the signs of the magic bull market right around the corner that's gonna take us to a new ATH?

  9. Totally agree with you. The idea is to consolidate during bear runs on btc and eth, then start diversifying on altcoins near the end of the bear run or the start of bull run. The problem is trying to guess that

  10. Yes, and a volatile one that really can only be combated with holding long term. So make sure you DYOR and believe in your projects.

  11. The kind of people that need others to tell them how intelligent they are. Don't listen to those people.

  12. I agree with you and left a similar comment to that post. I believe BTC and ETH are the safest bet. This, however, does not mean that everything else is shit. You just need to understand what it that you are looking for and how risky you want to play it. If you want to play it safe, by all means buy BTC. Otherwise, I believe there's solid alts out there that are worth investing into.

  13. People say only buy BTC right now because everything bleeds against BTC right now. BTC drop 5%, everything else is dropping like 15%. BTC dominance is rising while the price is falling because everything else is cratering.

  14. I never use the past as a hint of what will happen. S2f and lenghening cycles models both proved to be wrong and even Cowen who was one of the first to spam this model admited he was wrong.

  15. Anyone, Anyhow predicting the future is stupid especially in Crypto. Just look at all probabilities.

  16. From my point of view in the last bear market, it was obvious ethereum was going to play a big role in the upcoming bear market. I don’t see any coin in a similar position today

  17. In my country, we call these people "Prophets after Jesus Christ", meaning people who make "predictions" for an event after the event has occurred.

  18. Imo its dumb. People watch last run ups and make expectation according to the past, yet they ignore the fact that in the past we had bullrun markets, yet right now we are moving towards recession, where the past wont apply anymore.

  19. This is why trying to read the charts and or playing the guessing game in Crypto is dumb AF no one knows a damn thing and don’t even get me started with leveraging. Have a great FUCKING SUNDAY motherfuckers!

  20. Ethereum was the second bitcoin already in 2017 (in fact during summer 2017 ethereum almost took the first place in marketcap) so yes, it's obvious now and it was obvious in 2018 that it was the second safest bet.

  21. "in fact during summer 2017 ethereum almost took the first place in marketcap" - that's not true, there still was quite a big gap. and by that logic, XRP was the second Bitcoin in late 2017 and early 2018, directly before the crash, when it had a higher market cap than ETH

  22. I cannot agree more with you. Historical bias is a problem. Even guys I respect like Benjamin Cowen have this problem too. History doesn't always repeat particularly in the fast changing world of crypto.

  23. I survived 2018 and the long AF crypto winter. If you want to survive this one, then definitely stay with the mature cryptos, $BTC & $ETH. Most alts are worthless. DCA and interact less with your portfolio. Grind out your position. Build it.

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