Recent Crypto Scams/Rug Pulls?

  1. It's refreshing to see a comment like this as it feels many on reddit don't want to share information on how to spot scams, instead just constantly joke about people for falling for them.

  2. I will take a look there. I have been telling myself "what kind of smart contracts that presented with the most red flags?" and I think this is the answer that gives me a lot of information.

  3. It depends on your definition of a rug. If you ask a new investor who put money into BTC @ 64K something, they'll say that BTC is a slow rug pull.

  4. I don't consider BTC a rug. Slow rugs do exist in the token community however, are you speculating on any currently?

  5. Good thing to point out is that a project that fails seems like a rugpull to people. If a project looks good but the price never recovers, it more than likely just means the project is dead.

  6. The one thing I don’t like about robinhood is their prices are different than what they actually are. The offset is there are never any fees for transferring, buying, or selling. I personally have used robinhood and I think they’re ok. Unless there is something I don’t know. Which is very much possible. Lol

  7. can you elaborate? I don't use Robinhood for crypto, but they have been driving the industry on fronting you the money when there is a stock investment you just cant pass up.

  8. Nah assets get liquidated then don't return to their ath, its not most peoples fault they didn't do enough research and there's tons of shit projects that don't give back to their eco systems

  9. Need source on that. Price tanks probably due to people selling off their airdrops. Still holding mine though, makes a few cents per day from staking.

  10. I’m a big fan of cosmos so I’m a bit biased but roll with facts, provide reasonable proof that it’s a rug pull that’s aside your salty perspective or the price going down due to sell offs and I’ll hear you out

  11. It’s the stupid mentality of “oh it’s only $X, but imagine if it hits $Y!!” You might as well just buy scratch tickets and have similar odds, but at least the scratch tickets are somewhat regulated.

  12. Agree on the impulse. I do think it's gotten better over the past year instead of worse. Community is getting smarter.

  13. Xpose Protocol is relatively unknown but it has created some backlash here in the Netherlands. I lost some €’s because of it.

  14. defi! with the freedom of being able to have peer to peer financing, you run into problems like this. No one is responsible for getting ripped off but you!

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