At first, I thought Nano was too good to be true.

  1. This doesn’t even mention all the exciting projects going on with nano like Flowhub, the development teams work to break in to FX markets, 2miners,, so much going on.

  2. You mean 2017 when it was all the rage being rebranded from Raiblocks to Nano. I got suckered in at like 20 bucks haha - got to love it

  3. It just sucks because we know that but none of it matters unless it pumps. Like let's be real, if it's not moving, then who cares. But it's scary because the genuine BEST product is most likely not going to get that end result of being the mainstream currency.

  4. The whole crypto space is focus more on the financial aspect rather than creating technology which can benefit the world. We need to see crypto space focus on technology which benefits everyone.

  5. As an investment, it definitely gets forgotten easily, but we talk about using it as a currency in everyday life, it's a banger of a coin. A stable price would make it easier to adopt in real life

  6. It mattered back when investors were focused on coins that could potentially be used for retail transactions. The idea was that none of this shit matters unless there is widespread adoption, and the best way to achieve adoption is to provide a viable alternative for retail payments.

  7. So the driver of the currency's adoption is also what would logically stop you from ever using it as a currency? Who is going to spend an asset that they bought because they believe it will be worth significantly more in the future?

  8. People don’t hold nano long term. So people don’t buy it as an investment. If it was widely adopted it wouldn’t have this problem as you’d expect it to become self sustaining.

  9. I was wondering this. Why doesn't all the money in bitcoin move to the better technology? That is what I would expect.

  10. Nano is actually the easiest coin to Pump because it has literally ZERO Inflation. All other PoW and PoS coins have to endure the constant creation of new currency units every few minutes, which dillutes the overall value of the existing units held by hodlers, and also creates sell pressure, which contributes to overall lower prices - as pointed out by OP.

  11. It has it all, I was also amazed by the blazing fast and feeless transactions, crypto space is unfair to some projects

  12. I feel like Nano just needs one break and it will gain massive traction. I don't know if that will be in the form of a partnership or a practical use case that appears or a social event, who knows.

  13. Yea I’m surprised with all the utility Nano has that it isn’t more widely integrated into applications

  14. It has one function and thats to send value transactions. Sending a value transaction is the bare minimum functionality required. What do you mean 'all the utility'?

  15. At first, I thought Bitcoin was too good to be true. Then I tried actually buying something with it, ended up using XRP cuz was faster and cheaper. Then I started to understand the pervasiveness of Fees and Inflation as a whole. Then, the problem of Emerging Centralization in PoW and PoS systems due to those.

  16. My only gripe with Nano (and other account based chains) is the lack of privacy. The moment that you interact with anyone, they will know your account balance, know all of your past transactions and all future transactions that are made from that account.

  17. Not only Nano is the best tool for Arbitrage (fastest transactions + zero fees), it is the best Store of Value across space time, since it has ZERO Inflation rate (all currency units already in circulation, no more to be minted, cannot dillute the value of existing units)

  18. I use LTC (because I have a lot of it ) to swap and buy stuff occasionally. I’ll have to check into Nano , i haven’t really looked at it too much .

  19. Nano and Banano are two of my biggest bags outside of bitcoin and ethereum, both have tiny market caps considering how useful a truly feeless coin is. Stellar is my next favourite coin when it comes to actually using it rather than investing, but nothing compares to sending 1 nano and having the other person receive exactly 1 nano in return.

  20. lol people are going to keep saying this 15-20years in. Nano is now 7+ years old. There is no shortage of principal representatives and that is without large scale adoption. When it gets more adopted...and it will, watch what happens next two years...theres going to be an overabundance of nodes.

  21. BitTorrent protocol has seen massive widespread adoption and success despite zero incentive to give back to the network. It's been easily proven that a good service/product is incentive enough and that ppl will help support a good and beneficial network even if it doesn't reward them directly.

  22. Answer: Legit Profitable Businesses. Nano brings an actual competitive advantage in payments: it is the most efficient decentralized Means of Exchange: zero fees, and the fastest transaction times.

  23. On the contrary, because there are no monetary incentives, the network becomes more decentralized as adoption progresses.

  24. Bitcoin nodes are paid nothing. Yet thousands of people run them because it is their way of verifying the network. Nano is no different from Bitcoin in this sense.

  25. Good point. However, I think you’ll find that answer by looking at what parties benefit most from Nano.

  26. I rmb the good times when I downloaded Natrium wallet last year and tried to send/recieve. It was instant. Was shocked... No gas fees? No hours of waiting?

  27. Nano is great at one thing - being a currency. The NF are working on developing a working product instead of making promises and not delivering like most projects.

  28. I wish Nano adoption would grow. It's so good for my 2 main use cases: remittance and online shopping. Everything else is slow and expensive

  29. Imho yes it is deflationary that means zero inflation. No more coins. If tomorrow 1000 000 people would wake up and want to buy 133 nano it would jump market cap ranks really fast. But not financial advice.

  30. It's the classic proposition of Bitcoin: because it might be widely adopted as a payment protocol someday, you stand to gain a lot of buying power if you buy it early. This is contrasted with the current theme of "it's useful software so people will pay for it."

  31. What a well written post!, nanos a must in my DCA, for the fact I can bounce one nano around, ultra fast for free 1000 times and still have 1 nano....booom!

  32. All the arguments people make against nano are the same ones any successful cryptocurrency will encounter in the future. Nano has just chosen to face them head on now. Not in 10, 20, 50 or 100 years. Those time frames might not mean anything to individuals, but they sure as hell will for businesses and industry.

  33. Thats not true at all. Speculation is the single biggest use case by far. Any sucess on top of that in recent years has come from the use cases that smart contracts provide.

  34. Don't forget ledger size, nano has a much smaller ledger size than Bitcoin and Ethereum, making the hard drive requirements for node operators much easier to satisfy

  35. general opinion around the Nano coin is actually pretty good within the cryptocurrency industry. The coin is rather stable (as stable as a cryptocurrency can be, that is), and provides holders with a lot of different benefits. That's why it's quite popular in many crypto exchanges, too

  36. Agreed, nano is the ultimate cryptoCURRENCY. Too bad it has no hype and monkey nft to pump it.. Bad marketing also to blame, the new name and logo are meh.

  37. If you buy and hold a coin that’s main function is transactions and expect pumping/appreciation, you’re not going to have a great time / should be looking elsewhere. Nothing against nano

  38. I mine and NANO saves me money on the gas fees I'd pay by taking ETH. I keep some of my earnings in NANO and also swap them into other great projects. NANO has some serious potential.

  39. Should I mention it's wholesome meme fork? I shall : banano is a fork of nano which is focused on it's community, memes and feeless potassium transfers, not as serious of an investment/currency but just as interesting if not more.

  40. I DCA nano regularly. Many of you may ask why. It is decentralized it had fair distribution it is almost instant regarding transactions no fees it is ecological it works now. Many projects promise to work not working later it has big potential to go higher

  41. I put this coin right up there with ETH and Bitcoin. Unfortunately, the project just can’t catch a break. We’ll see what happens down the line when fees become unbearable, or if there are major problems with the Lightning Network. I’ll probably get back in when the price hits $1 again and just hold the coins long term as a Hail Mary.

  42. hmm, regarding, edit 1. The problem with being feeless is that it can be spammed with transactions that will bloat the chain.

  43. True. Nano has implemented a prioritization method for this. It definitely was a problem for Nano prior to this implementation.

  44. Isn't that the whole point of Bitcoin? Nano does what Bitcoin does, but better (including store of value)

  45. Nano is the sleeping giant, the poor marketing put it on the back foot. Nano making it to the Top 20 won't be staggering.

  46. As someone who has been around at that time it is very important to note that Nano never "really" reached 35$. What do I mean by this?

  47. In 2020 and 2021, this sub was filled with Nano shilling which gradually gave way to Algo shilling . Glad to see Nano shilling back.

  48. How are changes to the protocol managed? I know there was a spam attack a few years back and the developers seemed to implement changes to combat this. Do people vote on these changes? Is this decentralized?

  49. Yes, it is decentralized. Just like with bitcoin, nodes can choose whether or not they want to patch and make changes or not. The nano foundation can't force a software change. It is the choice of the nodes. The nodes get voting weight based on which node you choose to delegate your nano to.

  50. That's what I'm hearing, nano sounds great to use but to hold and invest with? What gives the token value? Will it 10x and how?

  51. How many people do you know that mined Bitcoin in 2009-2010, when Satoshi and his friends mined 25% of Bitcoin's supply? Vs how many people knew about cryptocurrency in 2015 and could participate in the RaiBlocks CAPTCHA?

  52. I like nano a lot for this exact reason, but I cannot bring myself to "invest" in it hoping for it to moon but other than that is a solid project and I really hope there's a nano currency future

  53. When I first got into this space there was a clear philosophy to create better and better digital currencies. I don’t see how anyone can take cryptocurrency, or exchanges seriously until they take nano or something else that’s feeless seriously. It is literally the ultimate form or crypto but it goes completely against the business models of the people that have hijacked this space. And they know if it’s allowed to be success their revenue plummets.

  54. This And they will continue silencing that space, but I believe (or hope?) that it won’t stop the core of the community and the initial red line, just slowing it down

  55. Great post OP! I won’t lie, I love NANO. Having no fees is just beating any other payment cryptocurrency with fees.

  56. Great overview post. Full disclosure, I'm using Nano to settle drink tabs with my coworkers. So I hold some Nano. Every time I settle a balance, I'm blown away by the speed of the transaction. 0.3 seconds is ridiculously fast and the confirmation is on your phone before you realise it is.

  57. Nano will be a top 5 in less than 2 years. MARK MY WORDS and slap yourself if you don't buy now. 2.5$ is a gift from gods. Time will tell

  58. imo Monero is actually the best cryptoCURRENCY because fungibility and privacy are important for real life transactions.

  59. Ummm.... Isn't nano COMPLETELY free. (Like how banks are to send money from 1 UK bank to another.) Like nano has no fees to send money to each other.

  60. You guys are talking about functionality like the whole DeFi stuff is really that great. It’s mostly just a bunch of hoping-staking-LP-borrrowing-lending between a bunch of useless crypto. The only true battle-tested use case is currency.

  61. Nano is destined to be the Linux of crypto. Yes its technically better in many ways, many people recognize it, but the adoption will probably never be mainstream. I wish there was more development around it other than faucets and WeNano. It sometimes feels like the Banano meme coin offshoot tries to do more development.

  62. Well, since nano doesn't have/need miners, what would you compare it to, to measure decentralization?

  63. I can’t wait for a time when Nano is no longer shilled. Coming from someone who invested when it was XRB, Nano has NOTHING on BTC and will never replace it.

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