Polkadot founder Gavin Wood: If Ukraine releases the Polkadot address, I will donate $5 million

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  1. Dunno why he’s getting shit for asking an address to send $5 million of free money. Ukraine posted BTC/ETH/USDT addresses, what’s the issue asking for a DOT address when you’re the guy who created it?

  2. People are also forgetting that if he’s going to exchange DOT for btc himself he’s going to pay quite a significant sum in fees to trade it to btc, if he sends the DOT directly and they sell it over in ukraine that’s more efficient.

  3. Converting to BTC would be a matter of minutes, but no publicity for him. If he really wanted to help, he could have already done so.

  4. To those criticizing Gavin, what if most of his funds are held in DOT. And converting one crypto to another would result in a capital gains tax, so, it would be better to just send it in DOT(if he were in this position)

  5. posting a DOT address also makes it much easier for all other DOT holders to contribute to, maybe creating a bit of a snowball effect?

  6. So what you are saying is that paying taxes would stop his « generosity ». What about keeping a bit for paying taxes and sending the rest ?

  7. Il donate all of the ones i get for as long as the war is on. Wont be worth much at all but thats all i have to spare.

  8. Awesome news. It’s been quiet on this sub lately regarding Polkadot. Hopefully Ukraine takes him up on this!

  9. Might not be for his own publicity at all. Because anyone can claim any Crypto address for any purpose, he may simply want to send the funds to a publically verifiable address that is connected directly to Ukraine.

  10. He just wants to ensure that the gov itself would send a correct address to him to ensure the funds reach the correct Destination

  11. Really? Why do people focus on every negative in the whole wide world. Millions of dollars maybe even billions are being donated by multiple government organizations non-government organizations crypto organizations and individual people. Please stop with the FUD

  12. If he is donating then it doesn’t matter if it’s for publicity- would be great if they start up’ing up on one another to see who is donating more. Still waiting for cdc.

  13. Considering the fact that Polkadot paid lumps of money by Trying to become the sponsor FC Barcelona recently, they wanna take a notch up in marketing. Imo this ain't the right way to do it though

  14. yeah, lately everyone and their mothers are jumping on the war wagon to try these publicity stuns (FTX, Elon Musk, now this guy, etc) it really seems like a freaking game to these guys . . . greed is such a disgusting thing

  15. It's fucked up, but of course shillers will just be excited that this may push their investment, rather than seeing it for trying to gain PR out of a war.

  16. It’s 5 million dollars to a county in need, and it’s showing the world, esp the crypto world others are donating

  17. Maybe spending 5 million to donate 5 million is better than paying 3-4 million in capital gains tax to sell for BTC and then donating 5 million?

  18. Ukraine doesn't have time to figure out 30 different blockchains right now! Just stick with Bitcoin or ETH like they're already set up with. Why would you hold back your donation until they partner with you? They got bigger things to worry about right now.

  19. Because he is a douche bag. He is one of the founders of Eth. Ukraine posted a Eth address. He could donate millions in Eth. This is marketing and the guy is a complete douche bag now.

  20. lmao he's donating 5Mil and this sub still finds a way to complain about it. Taxes are a bitch, why would be go through the hassle of selling Dot, buying BTC and send it while creating a taxable event. The Ukraine govt has a choice, if they feel 5Mil is not worth, they can ignore creating a Dot address, as simple as that.

  21. He is the co-founder of Eth. He could donate some Eth if he actually cared about Ukraine. Gavin is a complete douche ego maniac.

  22. It’s all a sociopolitical charade, it’s all bullshit. Why announce your “good” deeds for everyone to see? Stop it

  23. I hope people criticizing Gavin Wood for seeking publicity has donated atleast a few hundred dollars anonymously.

  24. It's a publicity stunt. No one is going to except Polkadot as a means of payment. Transfer it into something desirable like USDT/USDC/Bitcoin. Don't make them try to find liquidity on some exchanges. They are at war, who wants to divert resources and time to that.

  25. People who hate on millionaires for publicly donating money kill me, who cares if it’s for taxes and fame, let’s praise them as much as they want. As long as Ukraine gets it’s money! Slava Ukraine! 🇺🇦

  26. Dude pre-mines billions of DOT, raises funds from retail, self-fellates a 10% inflation on top of that, and he cant convert DOT to the official donation address? Make them eat the conversion fee? Bro.

  27. Kind of sad that he’s using this situation in order to promote Polkadot (yes, this is a publicity tweet).

  28. He could convert his DOT to BTC and send them but nooooo… the f***** want to use a war, innocent people dying to make a PR stunt. Despicable…

  29. The problem is see with he selling 5M dot to buy BTC is donate to ukraine is that a lot of dot holders might get pissed if he does this, since it probably would tank the price

  30. Does anyone not see these stunts for what they are? It's a coin pumping scheme. Like offering 25 dollars to every Ukrainian that can only withdraw 100 or more.

  31. Love to see how crypto is building bridge to help Ukraine. I see some NFTs who have also started helping that country like BitBrawl. This PvP game has has started a donation contest. Anyone who donated the most to a charity/organisation related to war gets 1 Brawler.

  32. At least DOT will be doing something useful then. Instead of floating around at 20 bucks on "parachain" hype, when CKB is solving the same problem......right now.

  33. Nit: He said "post a dot address and", he never said "if". Great to see crypto leaders stepping up and doing the right thing.

  34. Jesus. Can this guy stop the marketing and just convert 5 million in DOT to btc or eth or usdt and send it? Why we gotta do this stuff now? Time is of the essence.

  35. Why so many haters? He’s not the first rich guy to donate for both good cause and publicity. Literally most if not all rich people are like this?

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