Daily Discussion - February 25, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. “Losing in life is important. Wether it’s getting dumped, getting fired, losing a game, loss. Those feelings where things didn’t work out your way. That’s important, because it lets you know this is the bad feeling that comes when it goes wrong and you improve and then it makes the good feelings of victory all the better.” - Joe Rogan

  2. Even with crypto market volatility lower in Q4 compared to Q2, coinbase volumes jumped over $547 billion in Q4 mainly because of the crypto assets trading.

  3. People are expecting crypto to react like the 2017 crash, times are different,too much adoption around crypto. Market will cycle differently mincing forward.

  4. So how does everyone feel about the US and rest of the world using the Ukraine-Russia crisis as a narrative to reign in control of crypto? I for one and a little angry about it… I’m seeing more and more articles about how Russia is using crypto to stay afloat amid sanctions. Can the world just move on to crypto as the next gen currency and leave centralized banks in the dust already?

  5. That feeling when you open the charts and think, 'ah fuck it'. And then you realize it showing the euro value.

  6. Read about it’s tokenomics and ecosystem. It’s insane. Learn about their decentralized Stablecoin UST. The more UST gets adoption, the more scarce LUNA becomes. There are risks as well. The Stablecoin can fall off its peg, and disrupt, potentially knockout, the entire ecosystem.

  7. I will always have pity on the panic sellers for their first, maybe second time because in fairness, if you’re new it can easily happen. It’s a learning curve. …. But anything after that, I will just laugh at them.

  8. You know the moment we all decide to be optimistic is when we get new epic FUD to knock us lower. So be pessimistic and we will be okay!

  9. Meh, I don't hold it but I realize it got a lot of people here into crypto and it's the original meme coin. I don't believe it's ever dying, no matter how much people here want it to. 🤷

  10. during this war thing, I learn that crypto is a great way to raise fund,,... because you can send money directly from anywhere and the money is going straight to owner. And we can track to see how people spend the donated money

  11. Big ascending triangle going on with BTC. Hopefully it’s a higher chance in breaking out to the upside and not to the downside.

  12. You think things are going to dump ? No , they pump. You think they are going to pump? No, they dump . Welcome to thy crypto market . U have now learned why hodl is the only way :P

  13. How do proof of stake cryptos like Algorand that have a capped supply give staking rewards? Where do the rewards come from once the supply is capped?

  14. Glad I didn’t panic sell the other night…sad I didn’t buy much in that crash. Did grab a bit more Atom. Got a bit at $22.30 which felt like a great price.

  15. Definitely a great price for ATOM, but there may still be a further downwards movement, we’re not out of the water yet

  16. You can turn gift cards to cash depending on how much you need. Coinstar and money gram are options. Some gift cards can be linked to your PayPal and you can use PayPal to buy crypto. A lot depends on your country too

  17. paxful, watch out tho, high priced offers (80-90%+) are usually scams, go for the mid priced ones. Also, be prepared to lose 40-30% of your gc's value by going thru this way.

  18. Eth. I still feel like the long term returns will be better. But my port is 30% eth 29% btc - so I don’t think either is a bad choice.

  19. We literally have a full blown out war in fucking Europe and it's that closento escelate into WWIII and yet you enat to tell me that everything is green.

  20. It would not surprise me if it's another scam by the bitfinex whales. If it dumps below 34 -> scam confirmed and Giancarlo can kiss my ass.

  21. Are you having issues actually FINDING where to cancel a limit. I know I did yesterday. I love KuCoin but their interface is insanely overcrowded with shittons of icons everywhere.

  22. My completely uninformed opinion has consistently been that we will test $30K this cycle. I'm standing by it, on the basis of absolutely nothing.

  23. If ur not in at this point U either accept that u were wrong and jump in the market or u hold conviction & wait for better entries… but holy shit things are looking crazy strong right now. I’m surprised

  24. Apparently the markets freak out when they’re uncertain war is going to happen, war happened so it’s now certain and the markets love it. Also the US basically saying “this is Europes problem, won’t affect us” makes the market even more certain

  25. I think it dropped a fair amount, but not as much as everyone was expecting. That helps people feel like there's more strength in the asset class than was previously thought. Sentiment turns a little more positive, and those who have been sitting on the sides decide that it's a good time to jump in.

  26. War has been known to cause inflation, not sure if the inflation hedge hypothesis is still valid but could be one reason

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