Daily Discussion - February 24, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. If you bought during the dip, chances are that you picked up what a short had sold. Help make sure you're not helping them cover for a profit by adding it to the orderbook with a limit sell near 50k. This way you know you won't sell back to them at a loss.

  2. How do I know when I’ll get liquidated on kucoin? It says when debt ratio is 97%, but how do I know when that is

  3. It means the point where selling your position and keeping your collateral will cover the amount of the loan and the fees. If you don’t know how to calculate and control that you definitely shouldn’t be fucking around with leverage. You never should even if you do tbh.

  4. For like a micro second my account showed 2x the amount of atom as I had, directly after a withdrawal to my Kepler wallet. Man I've never tried to get funds out so fast in my life. Alas It was just a bug. Booo

  5. Spent all my money on Reddit coins, worst investment ever! It never moves in price. It’s sort of like a stable coin except you can’t redeem for fiat…

  6. This is probably the 40th time now where I've considered buying, decided against it, then had a good recovery within 12 hours. I need to just buy every dip below 40k

  7. Today has been classic "Buy the fear." Bitcoin volume up 113%. Nearly every top 50 coin has a volume increase of 80%+. What do the whales know that we don't know? They wait until a bomb strike to go bullish? Lol.

  8. I invested in ethdown 10 hours ago. I really really hope the market will behave in the most natural and logical way right now.

  9. Jesus H, so cheap and fast to send ATOM to Cosmos from Coinbase. I forgot why I was so bullish about this when I sold it awhile back.

  10. why doesn't Bitcoin source code let people mine with their laptop like before? Why are they making the hashing work more difficult so we have to use GPU and get shit for electricity consumption?

  11. Because mining is a multi billion $ business. Mining farms are absolutely massive industrial complex's. Bitmain makes Billions selling manufacturing ASIC mining machines they own 70+% of the market. If BTC goes up +1000%, publicly traded mining stocks go up +10,000%

  12. Maybe they thought by them selling would cause a bigger sell off and they could buy back really low but it didn’t really work so they bought back in .

  13. Everything is bullish except for macro factors. One these settle down or are forgotten about, I really think we’re flying again. One thing for sure is the next years are going to be interesting as fuck

  14. If you go into retirement with less BTC than the future generation, then you failed to seize your opportunity to make decisions in the future.

  15. No one knows. Any prediction atm is just guesswork. It’ll be heavily influenced by what happens in Russia-Ukraine in coming weeks, and the fed meeting in mid March

  16. Means liquidity is drying up, books are getting thinner and it's easier to move it one way or the other with less money.

  17. Anybody get strippercoin off dripdropz today and have it show up as a different asset? Now in my wallet i have “strippercoin” and “strip” but they are exactly the same logo, description, and total value

  18. Bullish for Moon ratio that we saw a wild ass swing down and a wild ass swing up and yet we are barely gonna crack 10k comments today.

  19. No Russia created the SPFS in 2014 which is their answer to SWIFT. They integrated it with China's CBIBPS. Removing them from SWIFT won't do much of anything.

  20. Would anyone like to play 4 square in mothers garden while we wait for the market to rise ? Mother is making whole grain turkey sandwhiche's with no crust and i was given new chalk to draw out our box while we play . Let me know , i sold my grandfathers ern this morning for more btc and am feeling rather bullish .

  21. I think that it’s amazing what it’s doing for Anchor even if the tokenomics don’t moon I’m excited for Terra

  22. Just read about an NBA player De'Aaron Fox rug pulling his NFT project after receiving $1.5 million in investment.

  23. When somebody argues Bitcoin is digital property, what’s the difference between stock in a company? For context, Saylor’s argument goes as “if somebody is pointing a gun at your head and demands your car, they can shoot you and take your car. The same thing can’t be said with Bitcoin. Sure, they can still shoot you, but they don’t get the Bitcoin.” Doesn’t that same logic also hold true to many digital assets, such as stocks or even money in your bank account?

  24. If you've got stock in a company, you can borrow against the value, but you're probably stuck with one lender (your brokerage), and moving those stocks to a different brokerage/lender is probably going to be a big hassle with loads of forms and weeks of waiting time.

  25. Yea except all those other things are way less tangibly yours than cold stacking sats with a full node

  26. “Alright, that potentially economy crushing conflict of world superpowers was a weird 24 hours, but Bitcoin pumped 5% so everything is back to normal”

  27. I went over to wallstreetbets and nobody is talking about how it was private, in Russian, and flying the Russian flag...

  28. bitcoin loves tragedy. it did the best during covid when millions of people died. Now war in europe and more deaths, just what the old man wanted. I shall call it Putin coin from now on.

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