Canada is now regulating crowdfunding platforms and crypto currency under the Terrorist Financing Act.

  1. Depends where you live. Ontario is hot bed of liberal seats. Theres people on both ends and in the middle. If you were mandated aka given a "choice" by work to get shot after shot to keep your lively hood this will sway you one way or another. This emergency measures act was the last option left apparently now the decison falls on Lord Trudy. I don't agree with the complete border blockage.

  2. Canadian here. I don't know what the general opinion of the country is, but I can tell you we have never been more polarized. I think the truckers are in the minority, but the supporters are rabid and people against the "truckers" seem to be pissed.

  3. I work with the public and nobody I talk to supports Trudeau or his authoritarian policies. You even see many vehicles flying 'fuck Trudeau' flags or stickers. I also live in Alberta so it's very biased.

  4. I am a Canadian and I am openly for the protesters and against this dictatorship of a government. I have likely lost friends over this.

  5. Damn near everyone I know thinks they had the right idea but wrong implementation. I come from a conservative family and even they hate this shit. Peacefully protest....fine. road blocks and harassing healthcare workers....stupid. when you start making your fellow citizens lives a dialy pain in the ass you don't make many friends.

  6. My Canadian friends think they’re idiots, especially the ones that live nearby. They’re pissed at the protestors rightfully so, and they should just get vaxxed, it’s not a big deal. My friend in Canada who is also into crypto thinks this is good, as do I. No need to donate to asshat anti-vaxxers.

  7. The protestors are an absolute joke. We're all sick of the mandates but 90% of the actual truckers are vaccinated and still able to go across the border. Even if Trudeau lifted the border mandate the States still is not allowing them in. These people are online claiming that 2 million people showed up to Ottawa when it was closer to 5 thousand. I have friends in both Ottawa and Windsor and most people are in agreement that these are a handful of uneducated morons who have nothing better to do

  8. the protests are w/e to me because it’s a minority of people that are gathering. In my city, they’re not disruptive and they’re peacefully protesting, so they can go ahead no problem. I really don’t think the mandates are a big issue as it causes very minor inconveniences that the majority of us have already gotten used to. In my eyes, those that are protesting just don’t like the liberal government and would rather a conservative gov.

  9. Edit: I DO NOT support the government enacting the emergency measures act, my comment is purely about the state of the protest. The government is a failure on many levels including enacting this act.

  10. It isn't as mixed as people would have you believe, there isnt that much support for these people, especially after they harrased Healthcare workers, blocked ambulances, protested at hospitals and illegally blocked borders.

  11. Cannot speak for the general public - I am Native American, am 29 years old, live in Winnipeg MB, no particular political leaning and I don’t agree with it at all

  12. Around seventy percent of the Canadian population at large disapprove of the protestors cause, much higher in the localized affected areas. Most support concentrated in conservative voters.

  13. I don’t like that they’ve decided to go down this route. On either side that’s being taken, I disagree with how the Trudeau government is handling it.

  14. I left Canada recently. I'm glad I did. I was never a fan of Trudeau and now he honestly seems like a dictator. He doesn't like regular Canadians who make the economy work, like the truckers, like oil and gas workers. I don't think he cares if his citizens suffer. He's an embarrassment to Canada. The scary part is that people support him.

  15. Sure the truckers will have no problem buying drugs on the dark web with the crowdfunded XMR. Real shame it's not accepted for most normal, day-to-day transactions.

  16. Dont follow Canadian politics, whats the people's reaction to all of this? Does this move have wide approval ?

  17. Guys ....ditch the identity politics. Just look at this for what it is, a grab for more power and control over your lives. The terrorist financing act and the Patriot act are both bs they use to invade your privacy and control your life.

  18. But they are enacted because people do stupid shit. Chicken and the egg here. You dont want more gov overeact but the idiots block critical infrastructure and create the scenario they dread. Ffs

  19. Right? If you are going to treat them like terrorists anyway they might actually become terrorists.

  20. It is bad I'm Canadian and it just seems like Trudeau doesn't know how to Handel the situation so he's pushing all the buttons..

  21. It is not the will of the people… over half of the money coming to the ‘freedom convoy’ was from the USA… nobody wants foreign money propping protests and fomenting civil unrest in their country.

  22. EU here, just wait a few days, this propaganda is used a few days ago on eu. crypto funded ukraine defence. Same shit. In reality US need a war to spend money which they printed all night long. They will start a war to ease inflation or their economy will fail. Tommorow we will probably see which direction is gonna take, superbowl was today so no bad news in america. Bunch of morons. Not politicians, but people who live there who voted for them.

  23. They are funding terrorists. They siezed guns that were to be used if cops tried to remove the blockades.

  24. Yes. How do they stop crypto funds to a certain Bitcoin wallet/address? They will freeze the account ? I thought they had no control of this type of stuff

  25. Highly negative. According to a recent poll, 16% of Canadians support Trudeau after his latest actions. His political career is finished, I’m surprised he still had one after the SNC Lavalin scandal. He is a corrupt lying degenerate. Nothing would bring me more satisfaction than watching him leave office.

  26. Stfu with that shit, man. You want to blame someone, blame those pieces of shit holding our capital hostage and exploiting crypto for their own agenda.

  27. Yeah we've got it pretty good in this country when the worst thing that ever happened to you is people's rights are being protected.

  28. Trudeau's actions for the past months are nothing less than dumpster fire. You know it's bad when MP's from your own caucus host press conferences that underline all your failures.

  29. Trudeau openly and publicly agreed with and obliged Candian support for the Indian (Indian) road blockades that lasted over a year, as well as uttered support for the Indian (First Nations, Natives etc) railroad blockade within Canada itself.

  30. Add all left wing votes vs right wing votes and realize that the conservative party should be nowhere near governing this country.

  31. Things are getting ridiculous. Antifa and blm literally setting fires to cities. Ok. Truckers blowing horns. Terrorists. 🤦🏼

  32. What did “Antifa” and “BLM” burn down in Canada? What do they have to do with this? What does this have to do with crypto?

  33. The globalists do not want their boy Turdeau 'ousted'. I wonder why there is not a drive for a no confidence vote in Turdeau's gomint in the Canadian parliament.

  34. It’s cold. It’s dark. Housing prices are ridiculously high considering how vast and infertile the lands are. One of the most expensive banking fees and phone/internet bills in the world? Low in biodiversity but high in natural resources though.

  35. Yea but you should be able to protest like that. People used to and it worked. Thats why you can't. See the American labor movement for reference.

  36. Would you write this if people in Canana started funding isis or some shit? Probably not, your post is totally biased and not related to crypto.

  37. And would you support it knowing that anything that affects the economic security of the country can be deemed a terrorist act? There are some ongoing protests in Canada - unrelated to the truckers - that do affect it economically. They haven't been deemed terrorist acts, and they shouldn't, but the possibility is now there to restrict them if the government were sufficiently opposed to them.

  38. the deputy prime minister herself says they are going to look at crypto and it will be covered by the expanded anti money laundering laws.

  39. I find it ridiculous the amount of Americans crying about the money/crypto being shutdown to protesters… it is largely foreign donations (mostly USA) looking to stir up civil unrest. Americans would lose their minds if largely foreign money was donating to some group of ‘protesters’ 🤦🏻‍♀️

  40. Although I think this is bad for crypto, I can’t avoid not wanting the government to just bring in the military and shoot rubber bullets at these imbecile truckers.

  41. Ah yes, we love authoritarianism around here. You understand that all this would go away if trudeau would just lift some outdated covid mandates?

  42. Lol someone get a wallet for those truckers pn scrt or montero and we all should donate on principle

  43. Because if you are agaisnt tyrannical are a racist misogynist... grab some popcorn and laugh at the people who spend more time reviewing their Amazon items than they do the shit they put into their own body. ENJOY. Parent Company Name:  Pfizer Major Industry:  pharmaceuticals Penalty total since 2000:   $10,193,896,333 Number of records:   75 Top 5 Offense Groups (Groups Defined) Penalty Total Number of Records safety-related offenses$5,637,014,25515 healthcare-related offenses$3,373,675,00010 government-contracting-related offenses$1,109,688,43519 competition-related offenses$63,466,5686 environment-related offenses$4,571,88519

  44. Then there's the issue of having no long-term safety data, and the short-term data is anything but safe.

  45. I'm going to go to my garage and start honking my horn until the emergency measures act stopped. And while I'm at it I may just park in the drive through at McDonalds and stay there until they bring back the McRib sandwich. Because apparently that's how we do things now.

  46. Not Canadian, but I think that this has moved far beyond mandates and masks everywhere. With the reaction of the Canadian government to these "fringe" protests(that are everywhere) being so insane. People everywhere have figured out that it's the whole thing that needs to go. Everywhere.

  47. So terrorism in Canada now includes not liking the government of Canada and using your money in ways they don't approve yet aren't criminal in nature. This will certainly not get much worse down the road for everyone in Canada at all...

  48. Elections only have consequences in that 50% of one side will be upset for the duration of a term. Liberals and Conservatives are just two sides of the same idiot coin.

  49. Canadian here. I think the common consensus is that Trudeau has been prime minister for too long and hasn’t done a very good job of it to put it simply. He panders to the wealthy, leaving the middle and lower class of people struggling immensely. Allowed so much foreign money into the housing market that now it’s inflated to impossible levels. How convenient that the poors found an opportunity in crypto currency to make something more out of their finances, and he’s using the truckers as an excuse to try and shut that avenue down.

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