The Merge will be the biggest halving until the date

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  1. Thats why I'm stacking ryzen 9s and mobos because people need the rest of the computer too! Also i can mine xmr with them

  2. Good, I'll gladly buy them all up. I'll buy a hundred of them if I could. I'll say it again, I'll gladly buy them at a discount.

  3. The original use is reduction by 1/10 - Decimation, the Roman military punishment where they killed 1 out of every 10 soldiers in a regiment guilty of cowardice or insubordination.

  4. Not only that, but all the fees that aren't burned will go to validators, so holders will have an incentive to stake. More ETH staked = less ETH in circulation = price goes up.

  5. Triple halvening sounds like it’s just 3 times a halvening, but the true is that triple halvening makes reference that is a halvening after a halvening after a halvening (23 = x8 reduction)

  6. This is going to fundamentally affect the amount of Eth held on exchanges. Eth miners will immediately stop receiving rewards after the merge and therefore stop selling Eth to recoup mining costs.

  7. Or maybe the world won't care anymore and will move on. Eth is a very hard to use asset and very expensive to use. Miners are the main users right now. New users are fleeing as soon as they try to buy a $4 NFT and it costs $72 in ETH fees to do it. Platforms are already moving to other chains like Solana or L2 solutions.

  8. it’s called triple halving because it’s like a halving happened and act followed another halving then another one, reducing the supply 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 = 1/8

  9. To be fair, there won’t be any sell pressure at all until the shangai hardfork, because withdrawals are not activated into the merge

  10. I have been following the ethereum’s development for so long, so I was angry when people said the merge was around the corner while I saw other things in the dev channels, now I can assure this is not the case, it’s literally the final step of the merge, they are currently deploying the hopefully last testnet:

  11. Maybe this is stupid but 96% of my cold storage portfolio is BTC lol... and I don't have much on exchange either

  12. Honestly these milestones are irrelevant. It’s a nice thought, but nobody really cares. What matters is what you can actually use your assets for, whether they are productive or not, and whether they are going to retain purchasing power in to the future. All roads lead to ETH.

  13. I doubt ETH is going to do a 50X just because of the merge, but if you're talking about bitcoin, it's unlikely ETH will have that much of an impact. If anything, it might result in ETH finally flipping BTC, which will shake the narrative about BTC being the safest crypto for long-term holding. Even if the 2 flip each other for a while it introduces ETH to people as a serious contender for the most relevant crypto. BTC will always be first, but Friendster was also first.

  14. Thanks OP for the informative content. I was not aware that there will be a such decrease in the issuance of ETH.

  15. The same narrative about a halving and bull run bla bla bla … hahahaha halving would create money form nowhere…. Keep hopeium boy!!!

  16. Imagine guys when that happens and assuming everything goes according to plan the price of eth. I can see 20k easily.

  17. The fee thing is not exactly right, the fees will be able to be spent as soon as the block is validated

  18. I’ll also add that miners currently dump their rewards on the market because they have to—to cover the fees (namely electricity) of mining. These fees no longer exist, and therefore neither does the incentive to sell rewards immediately.

  19. Don't forget the issuance rewards on the POS chain are locked likely until next year. There's going to be 6 months of ZERO new ETH on the market.. This will lead to the largest supply shock in crypto to date, maybe that parabolic move we've all been expecting.

  20. Idk I just see Ethereum as a bunch of good ideas executed way too quickly and all held together with duct tape and rope.

  21. Bitcoin halving is a bigger deal because it’s not a made up change that centralized developers invented. Eth just changes things when ever they want. It’s not similar to the halving.

  22. Yeah, and 200.000 validators (investors) supported that change and staked their eth to this new consensus mechanism.

  23. won't 'The Merge' release a shit ton of ether to the market, potentially crashing price? I don't want to FUD but in my opinion locking those ether is one of the reasons for the glorious price serge of the last year.

  24. No it won’t, you’re talking about the Shanghai hard fork which will take place probably next year

  25. And with this, the ethereum network is going to lose a majority of its hash power. It just simply doesn't make sense. Congrats on shooting your network in the foot.

  26. Eth price when staking started was 600$, also, merge won’t allow withdrawals, that will happen with shangai hard fork

  27. There’s a non-zero chance that the difficulty bomb gets moved again. Unlikely, but possible.

  28. Curious on what would be preventing miners from switching over to BTC after this change? I mean, it is something ETH is going to have to face when they move to PoS anyway, so they probably don't care, but it does seem interesting that the daily rewards are tied 1:1 right now.

  29. Can anyone explain to me like I’m 5 how this will impact ETH value leading up to, during, and after this? Still new to the space, so while I understand the words in this post, I’m not sure I grasp the real world ramifications. Thanks!

  30. Miners currently are rewarded with 13.5k of ETH a day and have to sell some to cover operating expenses.

  31. I whole heartedly agree that this will be huge. My problem is the delays. Even recently we were told it might actually occur late 2021 but most definitely Q1 2022. Now we're talking June/July. I wish they'd give legit time scales because people are likely getting into ETH under the guise of the merge only to realise its all 'TBC'

  32. This process has never been done before. It’s not really a delay per se, rather adjustments based on how things progress.

  33. It is pointless to compare the two, one will never change it's core protocol - the other one changes it's every so often.

  34. I need to do some more reading into this. I don’t understand how L2 solves high fees. I haven’t really deep dived this one yet so I should do some research. Thanks

  35. The original Latin word "decimatio" did indeed mean "killing one every ten" (chiefly in reference to a Roman military punishment), but the primary meaning today is actually almost the opposite of that in most/all romance languages and )ther languages that have borrowed the word. I say "almost" because the modern usage doesn't precisely mean "sparing one every ten", but more generally "sparing very few/little compared to the original population (in the most generic sense)", i.e. even though the word itself does still contain the reference to the number 10, the meaning does not (similarly to what happened to the word "December", which used to be the 10th month). In conclusion, it might even be named that, it would be understood correctly since the original meaning of "decimation" is archaic at best, but it wouldn't be as precise as "halving", because it would mean "destruction of most" not precisely "reduction to 1/10"

  36. Eth2 pays up to 18%, but let’s Just say 5%, supply is about 120M so 6M is 5% of the supply. Btc is 6.25 every 10 min or 328,500 and will be halved in 2 years. 328k is less coin than 6M. I love ur logic and enthusiasm, but I think your expectations may be a little off.

  37. Nope, POS never had a date, just some news websites giving stupid estimation. Now there’s a deadline, june

  38. If, months before an event in crypto, you have to ask "where is the hype?", then there's a good chance it's already priced in.

  39. But wont the merge also mean the unlocking of all stakes eth2? Soo all that ‘liquidity’ will also hit the market and some people will want to sell sooo which is it? Dump before the squeeze is felt?

  40. Nope, that’s Shanghai HF which will happen probably next year, and there’s mechanism to avoid that selloff

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