This is why crypto is needed: Ontario court freezes access to donations for truckers' protest from GiveSendGo, after previous ban from GoFundMe

  1. People ok with government blocking funds for this protest because they disagree with the protesters stance would be outraged if the government blocked funds raised for BLM.

  2. Trust me. Those truckers aren't fuckin smart enough to know how to use crypto if they're protesting over the vaccine.

  3. I mean, I guess you're right. But if crypto fuels this madness, it won't be a good look for the tech, I can assure you that much. And it won't help when regulations will be written.

  4. Regulation is to demand that X entities becomes the gatekeeper to "keep us safe". Do you blindly believe that tomorrow's government will not leverage "keep us safe" with ulterior motives?

  5. This madness? Have you even looked at alternate sources for your news? Mainstream is blatantly lying about what’s going on

  6. tldr; The Ontario government has successfully petitioned a court to freeze access to millions of dollars donated through online fundraising platform GiveSendGo to the convoy protesting COVID-19 restrictions in Ottawa. The province obtained an order from the Superior Court of Justice that prohibits anyone from distributing donations made through the website's "Freedom Convoy 2022" and "Adopt-a-Trucker" campaign pages.

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