Daily Discussion - February 11, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. Sunday will be a dramatic day, either Putin is bluffing and intends to create as much havoc on Western stock markets as possible, thereby strengthening his negotiation position for demanding Ukraine never be a part of Nato, as he understandably views Germans being able to mobilize on his border is, as liberals always say, an 'existential' threat.

  2. Now I've become a one ETHer should I just forget bought it or sell at ath and rebuild when it dips?

  3. Have reduced my risky alts and put a lot of capital on the side and reinvested slightly into ETH, BTC, MATIC and FTM. Bracing for tough weeks ahead and if not then great! Be smart here folks… being “bullish” would be silly imo.

  4. Being short-term bullish here is extremely foolish. Even though there’s been major adoption happening over the last 6-8 weeks I still think everyone should be extremely cautious in the short term. The combination of rates raising and the Ukraine situation could easily take us to 29-31k range in the short term. I think it could be a wise move to de-risk a little bit and keep capital on the side.

  5. Thoughts in OkCoin? I’ve been eyeing a coin for a little bit, and that’s the only exchange that sells it.

  6. This is why we use the 2x leverage and not the 3x leverage and especially not the 10x leverage. Fud will kill ur futures trading at any moments notice if u over leverage stop being so greedy

  7. Might sound like FUD , but I wouldn't want to be holding anything right now with stock market dumping plus an imminent attack from Russia. This will go south very quickly.

  8. Was having a great night; Had the best pizza of my life, Drank good beer, Talked with my beautiful girl. Then fucking looked at my LINK

  9. Russia has invaded a lot since 10 years ago and so has America. War fud is just fud. Putin and Biden sleep in the same bed in their boys club dont forget that.

  10. I think it’s weird that ppl expect ALGO to blow up considering its tokenomics. I think it’s a good project but I don’t see any huge gains coming from it

  11. Where are the last chance to get eth under 3k guys? I remember the ‘last chance’ to get it under 4K in Jan too. Might get some more this next last last chance

  12. So I'm waiting for BF1 to load and I open my portfolio just to check it, and as BF1 loads the menu plays and it's some sombre music like, "millions died ruthlessly and brutally in this war" and I'm just looking at my portfolio a sea of red like "yeah.."

  13. Anyone know about forex. I had someone contact me with them and was just looking to see if anybodys had interaction with them.

  14. How can you even consider to actually attack a country using military force??? WTF I don‘t get it this guy is a fucking psychopath!! What does the russian population think about this? Aren‘t there any protests??

  15. Exactly, years of wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, recently Ethiopia and the crypto, stocks and in general the economy all did just fine in the long run. The only thing that I am seeing is discounted crypto and stocks.

  16. I really do like and enjoy getting moons, it nice to get rewarded for discussion. I’m a simple person and I do actually get excited when distro time comes. How did you get so many? Lol

  17. Comment under 7k, daily close in 30 mins. At least moon ratio will be sick. Lets not lose faith. We will all buy lambo one day with crypto gain folks

  18. Which country do you live in? If you live over here in the US you don't need to worry since they abolished the draft back in 1973

  19. 36 min left in the daily and we're at 6.5k comments. We're gonna close the daily under 7k comments at this rate :)

  20. fuck it , wait a year and figure it out then. Im down a millionbucks from november who gives a fuck at this point ima go walk my dog here have this award

  21. First time I got into the market, I bought at the peak of 2017-2018 BTC run. I was still at a loss a year later, and figured I'd never get it back. So I sold all of it.

  22. My partner and I plan on diving into the Metaverse tonight for a Saturday date night. Does anyone have any recommendations for an active Metaverse? I hold some SAND but I don’t like the minecraft-style. I prefer something slightly more realistic. We don’t have a VR headset, will just be using laptops. Would love to hear anyones Metaverse experiences!

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