Daily Discussion - February 5, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. I've become like, compltely uninterested in crypto recently. I might just sell everything and move it into a futures trading account to scalp ES and NQ futures.

  2. Whew, just got lost in the skeptics thread. Trying to figure out why there had only been a handful of comments in the last few hours haha

  3. This might be a little personal, my mom always taught me not to pry into peoples' private financial lives, but really, how do you make money? How much? And how much do you put in crypto, or stocks, or gold, or whatever? I'm pretty new and I've run the gamut of "what assets should I buy?" And short of real estate that I can't afford, I've been trying to get a little bit of everything. I make like 40k a year and I've cut way back on spending and have just been funneling all my non-bill and food money into stocks, then into some metals, now into crypto, and I'm trying to decide on a long term strategy and allocation that makes sense for me. How do you allocate? Into what? How much? Sorry for the long comment, I'm really curious and want to have a conversation about how everyone handles their investing.

  4. Just need to budget, work out what you can live without. For me that’s $300 a month. If I have a good month (diet, exercise, not spend too much) I will buy a bonus 100$ at end of month. Not Lamborghini money, but over 10 years hope for it be something

  5. The mood has completely changed to buy buy buy. I missed that. Only buying BTC and ETH though. I have enough bags of alts and I will not FOMO into coins that I know nothing about.

  6. So if a coin app (voyager) doesn’t send you a 1099 for your taxes, does that mean they don’t send one to the irs either?

  7. Cosmos IBC enabled layer 1 focusing on cross chain smart contracts, Dex just released, many airdrops, small cap, great community, tokenomics, etc. No surprise it's flying

  8. Maybe I forgot to slam my head against the floor until I get a concussion like the rest of this sub, but am I the only one that remembers people mentioning Juno for a month or two?? Like it’s not new to the sub, Cosmos people name drop it a lot.

  9. Yes. We've been talking about it for months now. I'm up almost 200% from staking and price increase, never mind the airdrops. People in the sub just like to dismiss stuff that they don't understand

  10. What's happening around this time in your location ? I'm in the UK and usually see a pump around this time each evening 11.15pm here ?

  11. I think the same things would be happening around the world regardless of local time. It’s 4:20 here though, so you know

  12. Bitcoin fees might be cheaper, but ethereum is so much faster... for real I'd take ETH over BTC any day. I have more important things to do than wait after those miners lol

  13. I like the explanation that BTC is gold and ETG is petrol. Good to have both. They re not competitors. In terms of investing I mean. For paying I think there are better options than both of them.

  14. When i'm moving funds between exchanges, I usually use XLM or another crypto. The fees are usually less than a penny, no need for a L2 and I get them pretty quick on the other end. I usually use Eth when i'm messing around on the network doing something like defi and my BTC I usually just leave in my wallet. My last transfer of Bitcoin took over an hr to get 6 confirmations

  15. Especially when taking L2 solutions into account! Will speed the whole thing up by a huge margin.

  16. So during the last few weeks, I literally did nothing. Didn’t check charts, didn’t worry about prices. It’s an interesting feeling once you clean up your portfolio and start holding projects with good fundamentals only.

  17. Because there isnt a real metaverse platform yet. Everything now is laughable and a bad imitation of platforms we already have.

  18. I notice that. Someone invests in a project for longer term future potential and then a month later they already gave up

  19. Don't sleep on the new VeUSD from the VeChain foundation. Fully backed by fiat and redeemable. Obviously, USDC > Tether.

  20. "JUNO is a coordinated pump" lol. In fact, people are buying it because it has great tokenomics, is very decentralised and there's massive value on the chain already despite it being brand new

  21. I’ve been wanting to add more JUNO to increase access to future airdrops, but the price action lately has been a little toooooo good for DCAing into!

  22. Well can you blame people for being a little cautious..? I mean they have been burned before. And sudden shilling of something coming from gme/wsb folks does tend to trigger a bit of ptsd for them

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