Best way to use Venture X points?

  1. That's my understanding, yeah. I also wasn't 100% sure I would use CapOne transfer partners, so it felt like I'd have to jump through those hoops to get only a bit increased benefit compared to a 2% cash back card (which I could redeem on anything).

  2. I agree with you. I also have the Wells Fargo 2% cash back card, but the main driver for that one was the 0% interest for 15 months. Wells Fargo makes it kinda difficult to redeem.

  3. I was going to transfer to Wyndham, but it was only 1 to 1, so I ended up erasing something I paid for and signing up for a Wyndham card instead. If Cap 1 wants me to keep using their card, they're going to have to make their points a little sexier

  4. The best value for points is on partner airlines. It takes effort to hunt down discounted award tickets at each partner airline but they give you outsized value for your points.

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