Fresno, California - Officers responded to a call of a violation of a restraining order. The reporting party(His mother) advised officers he said he had a gun and he was ready to use it. He was then shot and killed by a officer after pointing a replica firearm at him.

  1. Maybe the guy was going trough a psychosis or something, and didn't really grasp the gravity of a situation pointing a toy gun at a cop

  2. My dude said send in the smooth talkers to disarm the man allegedly in possession of a firearm. Maybe you’re right we don’t have funds for that because you’d have to give them a salary of 1,000,000 to make it worth potentially sacrificing your life with no chance of defending yourself

  3. Yea he did the right thing lmao. Even if the dude pointed a water squirt gun, or even a potato, the officer wouldve still did the right thing. Because that split second is a life or death for the officer. And we all know when approached by police the easiest way is to submit and not do anything sus.

  4. But but….. it’s Reddit! What do you mean that cop was justified? No cop is justified yada yada. Should have shot for his ankles. Should have shot the possible weapon out of his hand. You know like they do in the movies.

  5. No the cops knew what they were getting into. The man needed help. Cops are not mental health professionals nor are qualified so. Mother should have called someone else.

  6. I hear you. I just always find it absolutely insane that the public servants aren’t trained to take a single disabling shot, not just fucking mag dump. Zero self control, trigger happy. These dudes like to shoot people.

  7. Reminds me of the scum bag in the UK mark Duggan, who’s shooting caused an entire set of riots (‘protests’) because he threatened people with a spray painted BB gun. That’s a replica firearm, there’s a reason that there are laws against modifying BB guns and air soft toys to make them look like RIF’s. He got shot after fleeing and refusing to cooperate with police who rightfully believed he had a live firearm on him.

  8. He was on his way to pick up a gun to get revenge he wasn’t just in the street pointing a BB gun lol. They pulled over his cab and shot him on the side of the road.

  9. People who are saying it’s just a replica haven’t seen how realistic replica’s can get. If you have the funds you can get basically the real thing that shoots pellets or airsoft bb’s. Suicide by cop the way the whole thing sounds.

  10. It's nearly immpossible to tell the real from a toy. I have a BB Sig p365 and I also have a real one. I laid them side by side in a photo and most people picked the BB gun as the real one.

  11. So stupid, knowing that area too they’ll try to get the cops in trouble and bitch about it for months. Source is I fucking lived there.

  12. This video triggered something I’ve been pondering: would someone who has just been shot be able to respond to commands (e.g. showing his hands when the cop demands it)? I know it’s probably something out of the handbook to make that order, but it’s just weird to me. Just a random thought

  13. It is possible depending on the damage and where they were shot. Obviously if they are dead they aren't moving. But they could be shot in the torso and still be alive and follow commands. However, if they aren't moving towards the gun the cops shouldn't be continuing to shoot. But yelling commands just attempts to secure the scene more, scare the shit out of the guy shot and make him rethink his life choices.

  14. Suicide by cop? Not sure what else you could be thinking pointing a replica gun at an officer. Darwinism at its very least.

  15. I'm not sure if the point of this post is to sympathize. Fuck around and get shot. We all know cops have trigger fingers so this guy doesn't deserve any pity, he clearly wanted to die.

  16. If you point a replica gun at a police officer, I think it’s clear what he wanted and he got just that. At the end of the day, these officers have to go home to their families too

  17. I don't think people get how good repilca guns have gotten in assuming it wasn't orange tipped. Suicide by pokice is pretty common and something people dont talk about

  18. I've seen more than one fully functional firearm with orange paint on the "tip" in order to attempt to cause law enforcement to hesitate.

  19. Not a fan of cops but this is sorta justified in my eyes. And by sorta justified I mean I don't like he shot 5-6 more times while the suspect was clearly on the ground, incapacitated and most likely not in a state to fire back.

  20. Eh many people are able to shrug off taking pistol rounds due to insane levels of adrenaline, that's why cops usually fire so many rounds, also because you're likely to miss in stressful situations

  21. I have actually pointed a replica gun at a cop before. We were kids playing airsoft and I had my friends replica AR. This old lady next door called the police because we had gone through her yard. The officer who showed up was an older, experienced guy who fortunately kept his cool. He surprised us and came up behind me without a declaration or anything. I turned around, gun in hand, and was like oh shit! Luckily, lived to die another day, but I still think of how different that could have gone.

  22. Even Democracy Now is like 'Yeah, even though that was just a replica, it looked just like the real thing.'

  23. So what’s your solution? Like if you’re in his shoes, cop or not. There’s a man who you’ve been told is armed and willing to shoot you, pointing a gun at you. Really what would you do? Edit: I’m dumb don’t worry bout it

  24. I live in Fresno CA, the cops over here don't play with that shit. My friends and me once got pulled over and we had an empty co2 gun box on the floor, it was by my feet. The cops did a search around and when he seen it on the floor went for his strap, pulled it out and started asking us where's it at. We repeatedly told him we don't have anything and that's just an old box(it really was my friend had the actual gun at home) they don't play about that shit

  25. The human body can endure crazy shit, if all 8 shots missed the heart and nerve system then he might have still had control.

  26. If someone points something that looks like a gun at u, u would just let them and hope it isint real? Plz stfu ur ignorant, besides on the don’t call the police on your insane homicidal/suicidal son part, yeah deal with that on your own 💀

  27. You’re absolutely right! She should just not have called the cops when someone she had a restraining order violated that order. Especially since she was under the assumption he was armed. She should have just let him do whatever. It would have turned out absolutely fine. No one would have gotten hurt.

  28. Lmao don't expect cops to do nothing if you pull what appears to be a gun or you'll end up more brain dead than you already are

  29. Well, he had apparently threatened to kill her before and had a restraining order placed on him.

  30. Yes because real life is not like The Last of Us where someone shot 2 times instantly falls on the floor. I've seen videos of dudes taking 10 damn bullets and still walking towards the cop.

  31. Humans, especially when going though a mental episode or on hard drugs can take a shocking amount of lead and keep fighting. Also, this is petty but modern handguns feed from magazines, not clips.

  32. Is there a good reason why most of the cops always overkill these suspects? I mean 1-3 shots are totally enough. Why shoot up to 10 times and then shouting for raised hands? They are probably not able to raise their hands after 10 shoots 😂

  33. A person is not immediately put out of the fight when shot with small arms fire only once, twice or thrice (when shot in non-vital areas) A person is able to shoot back, so the officer has to ensure the person is out of the fight and cannot hurt anyone. Dying takes time you know. Also you should take in consideration that he could miss the target and then pose a threat.

  34. I'm kind of tired of the shoot first ask questions later in the police mentality, I get that was potentially a hostile situation but until someone gets hurt I don't think having shots fired is the correct call.. Those fuckers get body armor. They're more dangerous to us than we are to them..

  35. You must be high on crack if you want to wait for them to hurt someone first. Body armor? Cops only get a chest plating at most and it’s made of ceramic that only protects the torso and can only take so many shots before it’s rendered useless. Clearly you’ve lived a very sheltered life if you think asking questions while the perpetrators have their guns raised at you is the correct call.

  36. The first shot took him down. The following 5-6 shots after he fell is what killed him. Sad honestly

  37. I wouldn't point a pineapple at a cop. American cops have shot unarmed civilians. pointing anything looking like a gun is asking for it.

  38. Dude the about of shots fired by these officers is INSANE! I know they're trying to protect their selves and others, but one good one is all it takes. They go through extensive gin training and yet, can't seem to place a single good shot? Ugh

  39. So this is America in 2022, Jesus what have I woken up to, cops suck, and I'll never trust them, what's changed since the 50s? Nothing... Everyday goes by, and I realize cops are more of coward than most civilians, how many shots does it take to down someone? Sounds like they're trigger happy

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