Cops attempting to disperse protest crowd in front of a Dunkin Donuts - Then a firework goes off

  1. Yeah, well handled by the cops. When you've heard enough gunfire it's easy enough to tell the diff between it and fireworks. Could've gone very differently though and launching fireworks at cops is definitely a very bad idea and likely intended as antagonization

  2. After a long duel roe appeared to be victorious over wade. She had trained years for this and she knew it was her moment. With one final strike she landed her ultimate attack “KAME HAME LAWSUIT”. She struck her opponent wade to his knees. Eyes would be deceived seeing roe victorious but wade no easy enemy. One swift fall to the ground and everyone cheered for wades defeat. Wade snickered under his breath with and evil grin on his face he’s says “BAAAAKA”. He then proceeds to unleash his final move “NO YOU BITCH”. BAM a clean hit to roe’s head. Roe distracted by her victory forgot to finish wade. Unknowingly this would be the end for the young roe’s journey as she later died from head trama. Wade in a later speech declared his victory and unrivaled power. The crowd defenseless against him fell under his rule. But just as everything seemed over it got dark. The moon rose, bats flew from the sky, and it was dead silent. Everyone looks at one person in the crowd, this man then says “it’s morbin time”

  3. These people don't know what a protest is. They think rioting and fighting with cops is how you gain support for a cause when all it does is distract from the issue and make potential allies turn away.

  4. Imagine throwing literal explosives at an officer and then having the audacity to scream at them when they arrest you.

  5. There's literally no one who can change the Supreme courts decision, and that decision will kill thousands of women and children. Make EVERYONE have to deal with it, it's the only way to make actual change happen.

  6. More shit will be caused in one city in one hour tonight than in a month in Ottawa and cbc/the usuals will praise this one for its peace and virtue.

  7. I've seen literally NOTHING accomplished from these protests or any in this country, ever. It's always a bunch of people screaming at each other and chaos for the sake of chaos. I'm sorry but what am I missing? Obviously rvw and it being overturned is tragic but what does this help? Raise awareness? Change laws? Or just get people with a savior complex killed and put more work on the shoulders of the people who have to clean up after it. Feels like people just want to be a part of a mob. If you're a protestor and you've gotten anything accomplished please let me know. I'd love to change my opinion.

  8. Imagine being a person in LA where abortion is legal, complaining that rights are being taken away, and your big protest idea is screaming at cops, who have nothing to do with anything other than make sure no one dies or has their business broken into.

  9. I love the "whose streets, our streets" screeching banshee. I would love her to try living in a city without police for say a week and have a camera crew follow her around, would be an interesting show.

  10. Hey Kevin who do we give the megaphone to " Just give it to the most obnoxious screecher you can find" Kevin: Were gonna need more megaphones.... probably

  11. Too bad non of them were aborted or were they. There are such things as failed abortions and it’s not very pleasant

  12. I thought for sure they were going to start clubbing people as an instant reaction to a firework. They didn't even blink.

  13. Why here the people have common scenes on public freak out they hate the cops doesn’t matter what they do they’re wrong.

  14. I honestly think it wouldn't matter what was causing folk to come out and 'demonstrate' this time, antifa are using this to crawl out out of their shitholes and riot and cause bedlam. Its like now in America there seems to be a riot /disturbance every weekend with and its the same folk everytime. I have noticed that any dickhead who films on his phone is now calling themselves press to try and be left alone, but if social media wasn't a thing you wouldn't see a fraction of these fukwits. Man it would be good to see America take a stance and say no more, fully support the police and let them deal with disturbances in there own way. The world watches America and I think a lot of folk would support that.

  15. This was kinda silly. Fireworks go off, and?? Yet again, another clip short on crazy, all out of fucking, and nearly worthless as a video.

  16. Bro why do police deserve this crap, they've done nothing wrong and they getting hated on. One bad apple and they everyone one of them. They probably good people but they don't even let them talk, screaming won't help.

  17. Such resistance towards a corrupt government that they have to use fireworks cause the keep voting the same people that also took their guns…. Hahahaha fight me bro tickle tickle

  18. republicans are historically the only party to pass any sweeping federal gun legislation but go off about how its thedemocrats...go far enough left, you get your guns back

  19. Sooooo many face shield up... They are useless if you don't put them down in front of your face. Anyone could just throw a glass bottle at your face or a rock..

  20. I don’t have the balls to go to anti racism protest and then scream at black officers how their racist. That or I have a genius level liberal brain.

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