Let's Make Magic! Trade with Leafs!

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  1. Unless the Coyotes own a first round bye, there’s nothing they can do to help the Leafs win the Cup this year.

  2. I see. So what you're saying is that AM34 is the only talented player on the team. Yeah, I know I'm a Leafs fan and thus biased, but come ON.

  3. My impression is that Yotes FO is trying to be in the best position for Bedard. So assuming Muzzin, Holl, and Kerfoot are the players you're looking to move from the Leafs, realistically you won't be getting much back. Muzzin is arguably a negative asset due to injuries, Holl and Kerfoot both have positive value. I'd want the Leaf's first with whoever else they are sending, with the Yotes offering future considerations.

  4. Muzzin is in all of the coach and player meetings as one the guys. His value would come in mentoring if that's what we are evaluating.

  5. Just want to make sure you understand something, Matthews will be coming home to the Phoenix area at some point either this year or next. Its a certainty. So you can say whatever you want but understand that Mr Matthews will wear a Coyotes jersey very soon.

  6. I know this is going to get downvoted, but I always find it amusing when people come to a sub and act like anyone on here has any kind of influence on anything. If we’re playing the imaginary GM game, we’ll take Matthews for Jan Jenik and a 2030 7th round pick.

  7. Why give up Jenik when he is going to come here as a free agent in a couple of years anyways? Lets tank for Bedard, somehow win the draft lottery, and debut matthews in our new arena when we are finally trying to win again

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