Signal Airdrop

  1. I would normally agree to some extent but the validators listed above are all IBC relayers. The list is pretty large in my opinion, with numerous opportunities to be eligible. If anything, use the information provided to support these validators and maybe it will be used again for future airdrop requirements.

  2. Not whale friendly. Like myself, they just support a permissionless and immutable blockchain. Prop 16 was based on a lie don't forget. It has been proven the whale didn't game anything, but the amount of whale hate shows how many people bought the lie they were fed.

  3. 100 scrt 👀👀 looks like I need about 40 more. I figured 60 scrt was low but now I have concrete evidence it is probably low

  4. Yup. Sad thing for me is that I'm staking enough in all of these coins but I don't think I'm staking with these validators in most cases.

  5. Thanks for the update and consolidated information. I'll be curious if I qualify or not since I did a redelegation on some SCRT on the 29th from Lavender 5 to one of their non-listed validators.

  6. I am new to airdrops so please bare with me. Will I be required to stake with all 4 coins as I just meet the requirement for osmosis and an eligible validator. Thanks

  7. It looks like you only need to meet the requirement for one chain to get a drop, but you would get more if you met requirements on multiple chains.

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