Bostrom Airdrop (A.K.A., CyberGift)

  1. My understanding on this so far is to stake BOOT to get Hydrogen (H), then you need to lock that H to get Amperes (A) and Volts (V). With A and V, you can create particles and cyberlinks.

  2. Their website is fascinating, done by somebody with lots of time on their hands, and whom imagined everybody else also has an infinity of time to explore it - and maybe find the airdrop hidden somewhere?

  3. LMAO - this airdrop is irritating as hell. How tf do we claim? I cant work it out either, but their literature definitively seems to indicate it's already claimable for sure.

  4. "The Gift has not started yet, its start will be announced later This checker is experimental and doesn't promise or guaranty that you will be eligible‚Äč" up at the top.

  5. I looked this up on Coingecko and got a message saying this project is dead. Is this one still going? I was thinking about unstaking so I can send somewhere else if it dies.

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