How to bump up my scrambled eggs?

  1. I agree. You gotta overcook the eggs so they hold up, and egg scrambles are just as tasty. Maybe tastier since the eggs aren't extremely over well done.

  2. There's kind of two(ish) styles of scrambled eggs. The quick high heat variety (large curds) and the low and slow tiny curds style. And a lot of variety between the two. Like

  3. This covers it. I defiitely recommend the Gordon Ramsey eggs. This guy may be a certified asshole, but he can cook.

  4. The eggs in the Cantonese style video are only half cooked. Is that right? I don't think I could stomach eggs like that.

  5. Sounds like you got it down. Add salt early and let it set in before you even heat up the pan. Use butter. You also want the eggs about 80% cooked before you add cheese. If you want more, look up Jacques Pepin, the king of egg cooking.

  6. To add to this. I also pull my eggs off the heat at about 90% done and let the residual heat cook the remainder of the way. That way the eggs aren’t dry.

  7. I stick with cheese, chives and sometimes bacon. I like it fairly well stirred. If it isn't stirred, well it's an omelette then IMO.

  8. Something done often in Chinese cooking is whisking a little corn starch into your beaten eggs. I eyeball about 1/2 a teaspoon per egg.

  9. I just add a little bit of water, use a rubber spatula when cooking them and remove them from the heat just before they are done.

  10. I like to add gochujung or fish sauce or soy sauce. Note, if you use fish sauce or soy sauce, skip the salt. You will be using them instead of salt. also English fish sauce(Worcestshire) is another great add.

  11. My only tips are to use chopsticks to move the eggs around in the pan instead of a spatula and add another pat of cold butter when the eggs are almost done. Use the chopsticks to push the butter down against the pan and move it around.

  12. I add a couple butter chunks to the eggs to help them be a little creamier. I also cook onions and jalapeno beforehand, then put in the eggs. Depends on your taste, but that's my go-to for scrambled eggs

  13. I was always of the thought that you take them off the heat right before they’re actually cooked, that way the residual heat finishes them. I’ve found it to be the best way to avoid overcooked eggs.

  14. The easiest, quickest, and tastiest omelette is julia childs. Check it out, theres video on youtube. You can just add whatever you want and theyre cooked in less than a minute. My personal favourite is dill and some kind of sharp cheese. Prima donna, cantenaar, gouda, doubliner, really old good cheddar. And salt and pepper of course. Don't underestimate simplicity.

  15. Some people like adding milk or cream to the egg mix. I've found a bit of juice from pickled jalapeño goes great on scrambled eggs. It does not add any spice but does elevate the flavor.

  16. For me it's all about texture of the eggs, not really extras. I say, nail the egg texture you like first, then additions will just be gravy.

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