Omelet keeps falling apart

  1. Agree. I do this sometimes if it is large. One is used to assist on the opposite side, while the other one I put the majority of the omelet on and then flip.

  2. Are you using sufficient eggs for the size of your pan? If you don't have enough egg it'll be too thin to hold together.

  3. Don't stir it, make sure there is enough oil/fat when you start cooking, if an omelette with veg ingredients, cookk the, set aside then start the egg omelette, after a min or so add the veg back in, if there js only a small amount of egg on the base of the pan, there isn't enough structural integrity to maintain a flip.

  4. I cook the ingredients separately, while the beaten eggs are cooking in another pan with butter, on medium low. When the top is set, I add shredded cheese in a strip down the center, as my sautéed ingredients down the same strip, then fold both sides of the egg across the center and slide onto my plate. Perfect omelette every time.

  5. Folding it is a pretty classic way to make an omelet. If you want to serve it more like a frittata and as a flat slice, my hack is to put a plate over the pan, flip it onto the plate, then flip it back. Two spatulas work too, but my way reduces breakage significantly.

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