Americans say they're unhappy with the state of the nation, agree political divisiveness is a serious concern

  1. An idea for how we can work together: environmental conservatism, using nuclear power, which has been stuck at 20% of US power for decades.

  2. Yup. Many people I know just simply decide their vote because there's a "D" or "R" next to the name but don't really know much about the candidate or record.

  3. This is a major issue. And the challenge is finding people willing to run, but also finding funds to go against the mega rich establishment candidates.

  4. Term limits would solve the incumbent problem, but then incumbents would have to vote against their own interests 🤔

  5. No one wants to work together; and if they do, they’re called out by people for being a party traitor. The two party system feels more like a big game at this point, I feel jaded to the whole thing. One group gets into office, spends all their time undoing what the last group did and quickly push through a bunch of their stuff, rinse and repeat. It worries me because economics and policy are complicated and need to be thought through, sometimes putting a policy in place takes a long time to implement or come to fruition, but everyone is so focused on what they can do quickly in 1-4 years (when the effects of some things might not even be seen for a while down the road)

  6. This can quickly be solved by going back to the tenth amendment and severely limiting the powers of the federal government.

  7. I think it’s too late for working together or even trying. They are all worried about how they’ll look on social media

  8. But then 95% of the people who said this will place 100% of the blame on the "other side" when asked who's fault the divisiveness is. So can they really complain?

  9. This is an excellent post. People are wrapped up in tribal politics while constantly electing and then re electing demagogueswho are becoming more and more radical while the media and social media companies have all turned into shock jocks for ratings. This must change or the result will be both predictable and horrific.

  10. By polling the least popular politicians in the country are McConnell and Pelosi. But they own their state party organizations and are basically immune to primaries.

  11. It's changing this time. Several incumbents who weren't aligned with Trump are being voted out of their primaries.

  12. Then when you layer on top of it social media attention-seekers and our click-bait news world, it’s just takes to the crazy level it’s at today.

  13. The media, particularly social media is mostly to blame for this. It’s done nothing but drive a wedge between the parties and keeps everyone in a constant state of anger toward the other side. TV media outlets know this and they know that emotions drive viewers to tune in to hear more. So, they keep the pot well-stirred so they can get ratings.

  14. The issue we have today is that you can’t do, or say anything without someone providing their political view on it. The best way to fix a country torn by politics? Eliminate the political cancer that is destroying it.

  15. When’s the last time we saw single issue bills? This tit for tat of “well if you vote on this we will vote on this” is absolutely ridiculous. Also, since when have you heard a senator or a rep push for more single issue bills?

  16. I'm starting to hate commenting on most places on reddit, because even the most mundane, bland comments end up getting angry replies from confrontational people.

  17. I too blame the media. I agree Trump did not help with his rhetoric, but that’s the rhetoric needed to fix the establishment.

  18. Pitting us against each other is part of the shadow masters’s plan. It’s called “divide and conquer.”

  19. When one side is "the government should keep us safe" and the other side is "it's no business of the government", there's not really any room for compromise.

  20. Heads in the sand, completely unaware of what is being done to them, mindless drones return to the polling place every other year to give permission to people who pledge to limit their opportunities and liberties.

  21. Wasn't Brandon marketed to be the great unifier by Kamala and Barack when they were campaigning on his behalf while keeping him in the basement?

  22. Then they need to hold their leaders accountable. Saying divisiveness is an issue is all well and good until they are screaming for the right to be censored. For us to be labeled as domestic terrorists then turn around confused like in the meme and wondering who could of done this after firing the shot.

  23. This is good news. If we can heal the divide and focus our energy on actually coming together against our common foes like China and Russia, then we can excel again. The culture war needs to end peacefully. We each need to touch gloves, show respect, and go back to our respective corners without trying to push ANY ideology on anyone.

  24. Real people aren't as divisive as the news anchors are screaming. Most people agree on the fact that politicians don't have our best interests in mind.

  25. Thought the Democrats came up with all the divisiveness on their own? This, from their mentor, Saul Alinsky describing "control level 8" of his instruction entitled "How To Create A Socialist State:"

  26. Yeah it doesn't help that all our media does is promote hatred and division. We need some serious social education for everyone in this country. Unbridled individualism and no sense of community/communal responsibility is killing us from within like cancer. Leadership reflects the states of the people; it's our job as regular people to cultivate better relations and connections between us.

  27. You cannot negotiate with Communists. Their “word” means nothing. They are an “all or nothing” machine of tyranny. The mere thought of trying to “negotiate” with them makes me want to vomit. They have no intentions of cooperating - only getting their way.

  28. The only way to get out of political divisiveness if not elect progressive Democrats or should I call them socialist maybe communist. You cannot even have conversation anymore with this woke crowd especially at work anything and everything offends them say something they consider offensive all sudden you our front of HR fighting to keep your job.

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