My brother in Christ, it was the ummah.

  1. I mean, I would have guessed that the killer was an acquaintance based solely on the fact that one of the Muslim men killed was followed home and murdered after the funeral of another Muslim man killed (I think the two were brothers or related in some way)

  2. Because if he's right, he's a prophet, and if he's wrong he'll either double down on his rhetoric, or conveniently not reply because that would mean admitting he was wrong.

  3. Well, since "everyone knows" that anyone a half inch right of center is a white supremacist assassin (50% of the population), then odds are in his favor.

  4. Reminds me of all the "experts" I saw on CNN (when I used to watch the news) who were ALL saying the DC sniper years ago was a white man. When it turned out they were wrong they blathered on like nothing happened.

  5. Imagine if a blue checkmark made such a racist and prejudiced guess for any other race than white people. Wouldn't get away with it. But here, it's all good, no skin off our backs right everyone, just roll with it. You're not allowed to get upset about it. What a joke.

  6. A lot of Muslims were actually suspecting it was a Sunni Muslim who was the culprit before they even found the guy once it became aware that all the victims were Shia Muslims. Shia Muslims are extremely oppressed and receive a lot of hate from Sunni Muslims.

  7. I knew Asians were lumped in with white supremacists, but Hindus too now? Guess that's what they get for having kids that work hard and having sucessful businesses.

  8. The twitter poster was alluding to religious conflicts between Hindus and Muslims (both inside India between nationals and between India and Pakistan and other countries).

  9. There's such a shortage of hate crimes that race grifters have often resorted to manufacturing their own in recent years. It's never as quality as the real deal and they're almost always caught.

  10. Good thing the media can just report crimes as hate crimes before they have all the info and never bother to correct themselves to keep the perception.

  11. Reportedly, he killed both of his daughters in “honor killings” because both of them dated non-Muslim men and one of them might have become a Christian. That the media is acting like like the murderer is to be coddled rather than held accountable absolutely disgusts me!!

  12. Why anyone would make a public conjecture like that is beyond me lol - deserves the roasting he is going to get

  13. Newscasters blaming it on ‘personal difference’ rather than what it really is, Holy War. Shiites vs Sunni. Muslims bring their 2000 year old Hatfield McCoy feud to the US of A! Here we go...

  14. Racists like Mr. Werleman appear to be gonna racist, I guess. The incoherence of the racists in all aspects of their worldview is astounding and seems quite odd.

  15. Looks like he deleted his tweet -- being able to delete posts like that is straight out of 1984 and the Ministry of Truth.

  16. Hindu's? Really? I've had like 4 bosses that were either Hindi or Sikh. Each would give the shirt off their back even to someone who despised them.

  17. So uh. They got a lot a problems with Hindu's down there or what? Cause that's like the weirdest pull I've seen in quite a while.

  18. He’s just hopeful that once, just this one time, please, can it be the “far right” so we can have a shred of legitimacy when we claim it’s the biggest problem out there and then we can start arresting middle of the road conservatives for retweeting American flags, like we’ve always wanted to do

  19. 90% (forget exact number) of the time someone is killed it is by someone of the same color. It's a legit fact. It's not racist to assume the %COLOR% person who got murdered was killed by a %COLOR% person, because it likely was. [A local news reporter got fire for this and I am still salty. The best part is she was right]

  20. Reddit is disappointed. The main news subs were so excited that it very well could be a white guy doing the killings so they could go on with their white supremacy narrative. It died down after they found out it was an Afghan dude.

  21. How often is it a white supremacist? Everyone in power keeps saying that racist white domestic terrorists are the greatest threat to the nation, but if that was the case, wouldn't we hear about them all the time? How brainwashed must the left be to buy that bullshit?

  22. Atlanta speculators were convinced a white man was murdering boys. FBI behavioral analyst thought otherwise.

  23. What's more classy than using the bodies of murder victims as a platform to virtue signal on twitter. This guy doesn't give a damn about dead Muslim's.

  24. It’s not racist if it’s against caucasian skinned folks who vary just as wildly in demographic diversity as literally any other tone of skin

  25. Bought the Quran the imams suggested, read the Hadiths that are “trustworthy” Islam is a socio-political system, not a religion.

  26. Guy clearly knows nothing about Muslims. No one hates Muslims more than other Muslims with slightly different beliefs.

  27. I told my wife it was another muslim three days ago when she told me this. The facts just didn't add up. White supremacists typically publicize their crimes.

  28. They still link it to white people. They just say ridiculous crap like "gun violence is rooted in white supremacy" or "internalized islamaphobia is whiteness"

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