Miami Cuban, Hispanic Community Erupts In Rage Over FBI Raid On Trump Home As Dark Memories Return

  1. All of these celebrities and cheering lefties cheering because they hate Trump aren't seeing the bigger problem.

  2. They won't see it till the shoe is on the other foot, and then of course cry foul and express their dismay, but only after they've benefited from it.

  3. I was in Miami a few months ago for a month vacation. Talked to many locals. They see shades of Castro in the current regime. They aren’t voting blue.

  4. I hope there are mass protests against the gross overreach!! Can you imagine what would have happened if Trump had actually been able to investigate Hillary Clinton, by contrast?

  5. I think protest might be a trap. I'm pretty suspicious of every action en mass because these a-holes seem to be a feet steps ahead, all the time.

  6. I think this would get more traction if editors could catch misspelled/misused words before you even get to the third paragraph. It’s off putting and reduces a professional image.

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