Trump Attorneys Spill the Beans on Issues With FBI Raid, War

  1. Trump’s legal team should release the warrant so we can all see what the justification for this was. If there was proper probable cause then I don’t have a huge issue with this. I agree that it’s politically motivated for sure, and hasn’t been done in the past. But any private citizen is subject to search warrants when probable cause exists…I don’t see an exception here…assuming there was probable cause.

  2. Just listened to an interview where Glenn Beck interviewed Alan Dershowitz on this. AD is THE expert on 4th ammendment from a Constitution pov and practical litigation in court.

  3. It would be politically damaging for Trump to release the warrant. The media would run wild with baseless allegations (groundhog day?) in an effort to further the political damage. There may also be classifed info in the warrant which Trump could not release legally and would therefore need to be redacted by the DOJ before doing so or it would violate the law.

  4. The warrant only shows that they can search. The affidavit shows why and what probable cause is behind the search. The affidavit is sealed...

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