CBO: Inflation Reduction Act Won't Reduce Inflation

  1. But manchin said it wouldnt? Did a politician lack candor and tell a lie? I thought they were all truthful selfless public servants. Shocked!!!!

  2. It’s not unpopular it follows the model for recession. Gas prices are a lagging indicator of a poor economy in recession , the final one is usually unemployment. We’ve been through this lots of times and this scenario plays itself out over and over. The problem lies in that we just added another $740 billion to our already $1.2 trillion budget deficit. Don’t think of it in terms of prices going up but your money being worth less.

  3. Yah. We know. But it does a great job of looting the American taxpayer, and that's all the Democrats know how to do anymore.

  4. How does this loot the American taxpayer? I don't see anything in the proposed bill that increases taxes for people making less than $400,000.

  5. “Looting the American taxpayer” is such a disingenuous way to phrase this. It’s just making sure the ultra wealthy pay their fair share

  6. We also know how to cap the price on insulin, which apparently isn’t something the GOP knows how to do.

  7. I prefer 'build America better again', since they ripped off the name and concept behind maga, despite condemning it for four years. This bill is basically just a rebranded 'green new deal' with a completely irrelevant title meant to distract from it's purpose.

  8. The economy is already tanking so the left figured why not add another BS bill filled with leftists bullshit before we lose the House

  9. the new democrat strategy is to redefine words to fit their narrative...they cant seem to define what a woman is, what a recession is and now they are redefining what 'reduction' means...

  10. And the Affordable Care Act didn't reduce healthcare prices. Their names are lies. They never do what they claim they are doing.

  11. I guess this article is the one that will get attention even tho several other sources say it will help with inflation and climate change?

  12. This article directly quotes the CBO and Senator Sanders but go ahead and find that CNN talking head that’s pretty sure it won’t raise inflation.

  13. This bill has nothing to do with reducing inflation. It's just the 'green new deal' again with a deceptive title.

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