Not In My Back Yard

  1. I know a few bleeding hearts that are all for helping the poor and having an open border, but vote against section 8 housing semi close to their house

  2. petting zoo theory. they love when they can volunteer for them down at the library or the shelter but not in their own neighborhoods and homes.

  3. I'm a young generally Democrat-voting person, but I despise the democratic party and just vote for them because I don't see a better option for my beliefs. I think we hate this type of person more than y'all do lol

  4. Literally every middle class liberal is like this. Guaranteed there's even a bunch of homeless in their city but you better believe as long as it stays away from their gated communities or their suburban enclaves with other rich liberals, they pretend it doesn't exist. "Just keep inviting more in" despite there clearly already not being enough resources to go around.

  5. Of course they are. “Idealists” rarely actually contend with the consequences of these things. When they do, their tune changes. All young people are thrilled to “tax the rich” but when they start making a little money, they’re like Wtf and start being “fiscal conservatives”. It’s comical

  6. They want to help people only insofar as they can outsource their supposed good deeds to someone else. That is not true charity.

  7. What they don’t know is the house right next door can become a govt subsidized rental, same as section 8 if the owner wants to. Owner always get their rent on time and govt repairs any damages by tenants.

  8. Dems are fine with it as long as someone else is paying. It's "free" then, right? It's not until they have to pay for it that they realize it's most certainly not free, and in the case of now even manageable. Typical of their thought process and their ability to plan.

  9. The irony is that red states are way more federally dependent than blue states. A lot of economists call red states "Welfare queens". Which is typical of the hypocrisy and double standards of their party

  10. come to seattle - would love to see these virtue signaling white libs cry about how theres an influx of immigrants into the community that they supposedly want to support...

  11. I think part of it is just a money and background thing rather than politics. My family is from India, they didn’t have luxuries back home, but here since they can being generous to guests is very important. Like to the degree as a kid I got yelled at for offering guests soda in a can instead of a glass with ice and lime and straw.

  12. Yea - I live in Seattle. These people are the cheapest, petty, most inconsiderate, aggressive and angry people ever (liberal punks). Want to see some 40+ year olds whine like 8 year old kids throwing a temper tantrum - come to Seattle.

  13. As opposed to opening up "Sanctuary cities" and pushing amnesty/benefits as a means to get the hispanic vote, even if there's a good number of right wing hispanics who see through it because you're insistant on calling them "LatinX" and referencing the taco vote.

  14. Is this in reference to something like an event or research or an article that I'm unaware of? Any links are appreciated.

  15. New York City has been giving illegal aliens cushy benefits and the Biden administration has been flying them to New York in the middle of the night. Now the mayor of New York and others are acknowledging they're getting stretched too thin for their social services because of these illegal alien influxes.

  16. Bro, people give me the weirdest looks when I say America should not aid ANY other countries and work on infrastructure. It's like Oxygen masks...

  17. Not everyone in NY is enthused about massive immigration that the Dems are permitting in an attempt to shore up their voting numbers.

  18. Republicans are gaining hella ground in Hispanic communities. Makes sense, Christianity is a defining characteristic on both sides.

  19. Yes please, more Mexicans! (Unironically. Hardest working and humble nationality of individuals I've ever meet/worked with)

  20. We should repay the favor to Texas and bus released convicts from Rikers and Sing Sing over there. We'll see how long Abott's busing policy continues.

  21. That's classical Leftists for you, They say that we should accept loads of migrants to "Help them" find a better life and that we should aid them by giving food, Housing them, Providing transportation, Etc. But they never want migrants to come to THEIR state or be housed in their home, It's the classic "Rules for thee, But not for me!"

  22. Maybe a little racist, but they are in dire need of some even semi-decent Mexican food too. Was there 2 years and couldn't find a good taco anywhere in upstate.

  23. You know who benefits from illegal immigration? The capitalist gentry. It keeps labor wages low and keeps workers from being able to unionize and demand more pay and benefits.

  24. I am worried Howe we that all the leftist judges in NY and DC will grant all of them asylum just because they are for tearing down everything.

  25. Same as the people who insist we need a special welfare state that factors in your skin tone but flatly refuse to put up a two family townhouse in their town because it will "overburden the infrastructure."

  26. You meant “far left” but the video was decent if you sit through the whole thing. Really illuminating actually which I wouldn’t expect from them.

  27. This image depicts a Mexican migrant (wearing a Mexico national team soccer jersey), but from what relevant assistance organizations have been saying, NYC’s recent wave of asylum-seeking arrivals is heavily constituted by Venezuelans. The first Abbott bus that arrived at Port Authority the other day appears to have been almost all Venezuelans.

  28. Do literally none of y’all realize the outrage is about using people as political pawns? That’s why people are upset about this, it’s pretty simple idk why y’all are so incredibly sociopathic as to not even comprehend the frustration here.

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