I don't homeschool because ....

  1. At the end of the day, you need to do whatever's best for your kid. My sister went to a public school. I went to a Christian private school, and my brother went to private until high school and then went to public school, and all three of us ended up being successful adults(so far). Each kid has different challenges/needs, and it's up the parents to be wise and do what's best for your child whether that's public, private, or homeschool. There is no one size fits all

  2. This is exactly why certain states are trying to go with school choice: letting the tax money follow the child, and why the teacher's unions are freaking TF out.

  3. And then, I went to a NYC public school and have a masters degree and a good job with a couple of friends who dropped dead from ODs, others owning tech startups and still others who own tech startups. AND on top of that, I have friends who instead went to Catholic school, who are on the spectrum from unemployed to currently enlisted in the military to academics in foreign countries. "No one size fits all" is to put it mildly

  4. Teacher here. Both my kids are gonna be homeschooling. Just from the past few years public education is tanking. The Era of smart phones and tiktok are destroying kids. Go to any public school and you will see at least 2-5 crazy feral kids in each class. No learning is taking place.

  5. My sister and I went to public school through middle school and then went to a private high school. Each of us also ended up going to a state university and we turned out fine. I honestly think the biggest factor and how a kid turns out starts with what they’re learning at home. Whether they have the capability to make choices they know are best for them within reason once they become adults up to them, though. No amount of any type of schooling is going to change that. I’m also incredibly grateful that my sister and I each went to a private high school because the public high schools in our area of our state were atrocious! Some of my peers had better overall experiences in public schools and that’s fine, too.

  6. What a wonderful system we have set up here in America. You need daddy government to babysit your kids because it requires two full time jobs to get just the basics.

  7. You often find families living on a single income living in the very inexpensive parts of the country. These also happen to be nice places to raise kids.

  8. Misconception. The average woman makes barely over the cost of the average daycare provider, and a random person won't raise your kids as well as you. They can do anything to your children and you won't even know it until they come out super messed up in the head.

  9. Home schooler here (online highschool). Played soccer for about 10 years with the YMCA (also did other activities). You can homeschool and still have a social life.

  10. I don't know why people think you can't. You literally have tons more time, since your material is tailored specifically to you at your pace.

  11. I was also homeschooled. I also did sports and went to church. I still knew I was still missing out on an important social life, so I told my parents that I'm going to school for high school. One of the best decisions of my life. Made life long friends and had a great time and learned a ton. Honestly there are also a lot of cultural experiences that kids gain when in school.

  12. I live in an affluent suburb in a blue state. I cannot tell you how many parents (especially mothers) rush to medicate their kids. It seems like at least 25-30% of kids are on some kind of psychotropic meds. It's extremely frightening. Some of this seems to be kids just have short attention spans due to too much screen time but yet they are put on meds.

  13. Too many today need a "diagnosis". There is nothing wrong with a child that learns different than others or has more energy than others. It is sad to see so many be so quick to medicate our youth instead of allowing to learn their way.

  14. Short attention span isn’t always due to screen time. I had a bery short attention span in school and that was before smart phones

  15. Personally speaking I was suggested to be pumped with adhd drugs as a kid. My parents chose to take the route of continually keeping me busy and involved in sports to wear out my hyperactive mind. Choosing to have ur kid take a pill is the easy parenting route. I’m so thankful I was not subjected to amphetamines at a young age. Became a professional athlete got a scholarship to a D1 school. Worked out

  16. I homeschool because I have 5 on and off mental disorders and got ultimately sick after being bullied by peers and teachers through elementary and half high school. No regrets. :).

  17. We go to a private church school, through the 8th grade. I worked during the summer when i was 12 and 13, and full time once i got out at 14, at pallet mills and wood shops. My dad helped me and my younger brothers get a small sawmill when I turned 16, and we grew our business. I was able to pay cash for my first pickup at 15, and bought a small house when i was 18. Got married at 19, and today my wife and i own a much bigger operation with 7 employees. I was very blessed with parents who instilled a good work ethic at an early age and taught us that whatever we do, do it with our whole heart. I just thought I would share this not as a testament to what I’ve done, but to show it’s possible to get places in life without chaining yourself down with years of college and thousands in student loans.

  18. I was in a GT program in high school that took kids from the public schools as well as homeschools. The homeschooled kids were really smart and academically may have even been ahead of those of us in public school but they REALLY struggled socially. Like completely socially inept. This was a time before autism was really on anyones radar so they may have been a bit on the spectrum too I really don’t know. And if you’ve been around GT kids before you know the bar for weird is set at an entire different scale than the general HS population.

  19. Some of the smartest and wisest people I knew growing up were homeschooled or went to private schools. Conversely, some of the smartest and wisest people I know growing up went to public schools. Stereotyping is a major part of the problem that we’re experiencing now.

  20. I home school my child in order for them to be proper Marxists. Sending your children to public school will just teach them to be good workers for a capitalist just to have their wages scalped.

  21. Homeschooling is NOT a good solution for most people. Most of the school experience is learning how to interact with other people, the curriculum matters a lot less. Homeschooling is a punishment for a lot of kids and ends up with awful results. Y'all should be figuring out how to make better and more private schools, that's the answer.

  22. Just make sure your kids get socialization and they'll be fine. My parents didn't ever give me opportunities to be around other kids and I had social anxiety for a long time

  23. If I had school age kids today there is no way in hell I would be sending them to public school. And if I had it to over my kids would have gone to a trade school instead of college. Not one of them is working in the field they studied and they all ended up preaching the liberal line. Let’s not forget the debt.

  24. They're already trying. The virus shenanigans caused a big spike in homeschooling and the politicians noticed

  25. My little brother was basically homeschooled by me, and my father when the pandemic hit and now he is smarter than all of his classmates.

  26. Maybe the one on one teaching helped him. My son struggled in school but did great with tutors. Sometimes too many kids in a classroom causes sensory overload. That's what my son complained about while he was in public school.

  27. one on one teaching will always be far more effective for education. It is indisputable that home schooling results in higher academic achievement. But the cost is that you will need a dedicated adult to facilitate it, in addition to finding avenues for social enrichment. These two things are usually limiting factors for other adults. We need to really foster parental involvement in education as an alternative solution. Help your kids with homework, talk through difficult tasks they struggled with in school etc.

  28. Raising kids doesn't seem to be a one size fits all cookie cutter thing. Some parents and kids love homeschooling, and for others it's either impractical or too stressful.

  29. There enough parents that can't even parent their kids properly, let alone educate them. You would end up with a portion of each generation being less educated than their parents were. In school they have a better chance to reach a higher potential.

  30. America's per-student spending trails only Luxembourg, Austria, and one other country I can't recall. It's not a money problem.

  31. Maybe, or maybe they'd just spend even more time, money, and energy on social indoctrination instead of literacy skills.

  32. And you're homeschooled kids are just as likely to have the same issues, they just aren't being treated. Also, they think people rode dinosaurs

  33. My daughter is slotted for private schools. We don't have a ton of money, but are willing to sacrifice to not have her "twerking at lunch".

  34. We took our kids out of public school (grades 2 and 4) and have been homeschooling. My kids are loving it. Best decision ever for my family. I know not all families can do homeschooling, but I have friends who go the extra mile to get their kids the help they need in public school so that their kids can be successful.

  35. We pulled our daughter out of public schools and put her in a homeschool/in-person hybrid because of fights, drugs, and rampant “woke” crap.

  36. I love that my kids are a little weird. I also raise them pretty much in isolation and I thought it was important that they go to school and understand who their neighbors are. Some lessons only become clear after you've been punched in the face.. and that's a harsh reality that you don't want to experience for the first time when you're 26. Don't worry, my boys are polite and can handle themselves; no innocent children have been hurt for the sake of their education.

  37. Y’all I’m sorry, don’t know how old most of you guys are but I’m pretty young and I went to Christian private school, and even we looked down on the homeschooled kids. Most of them end up weird af cause they don’t get enough social interaction.

  38. “Janet” is a fairly accurate name tbh. I think it was a really popular name right around the time where, if you had a kid, he/she would be about 10.

  39. My husband and four of his siblings were homeschooled their whole life by their mom and had/have great social lives because they were in karate, soccer, involved in church stuff. It’s very possible if you actually just care about your kid’s all around growth.

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