80-Year-Old Woman Banned From Community Pool After Complaining Man Watching Little Girls Undress In Shower Room: Report

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  1. What you don’t seem to understand is it’s totally fine for an adult man to check out little girls if it’s in the name of tolerance and inclusion. Old lady was a bigot.

  2. For all our political differences, I always thought we'd keep common ground when it came to wanting to protect children from creepy adults, but apparently not. Society's tolerance has reached the point of being dangerous

  3. From "we just want to marry, it won't effect you" to "men need to be let in to the women's changing room, and if you disagree you're banned" in only a decade. We said this would happen, and we were called bigots for it.

  4. I don't get the idea of making every woman uncomfortable in order to cater to the alleged comfort of the small minority of feminine presenting men. The left is misogynistic, sexist, and bigoted. They are enacting systemic oppression against women.

  5. Nobody wants this to happen and no one will ever try to get pedos accepted by society...oh, I’m sorry, we are supposed to call them minor attracted persons, now, because pedo is too mean sounding.

  6. Leftists don't want this to happen, leftists posit that someone that's going to do this will do it regardless of whether or not they're "allowed to"

  7. Maybe we need a single-issue, cross-spectrum Anti-Pedophile Party to play spoiler and force the major parties into doing something.

  8. This is very disturbing, considering too that the Y is supposed to be a Christian organization. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  9. The church has its fair share of Pedos too unfortunately. A lot of people fake being religious as a way to be trusted with kids.

  10. That's what granny is failing to see here. Preying upon children is unfortunately becoming common place and far too accepted by more people than is right.

  11. Let's skip the screwball trans stuff. ANYONE who is creepily staring down kids in a dressing room and gets reported should get the boot. Same sex. Yeah. You're out! If you're leering at children undressing you have to go!

  12. We know that some of these people say they are women so they can exploit the system. Biological males in women's prisons have raped women. What will get people to revolt against these idiotic and harmful policies?

  13. This article is missing some critical information. Where did this happen? Seattle? Bellevue? Olympia? And what was the final outcome after the woman's presentation before the council?

  14. According to other articles, she’s been a problem before at that YMCA. Also, the purported offender is an employee, and was helping run a day camp, implying they were trusted to watch these kids.

  15. This is disgusting! She did no wrong here. It’s literally called the women’s shower. I feel so bad for this old lady

  16. Strange how the news isn’t full of reports of female to male pre surgical individuals gawking at teen boys on locker rooms. It’s almost as if this has more to do with perverts satisfying their perversions than a legitimate exercise of gender identity. I’m also waiting to see the line forming to get onto mens’s sports teams and into men’s prisons.

  17. I predicted this over ten years ago when the idea of transgender rights and bathroom’s was first being argued. I was called a hater. I was called transphobic. I was told it would never happen. I was told I was fear mongering. Yet in just ten or fifteen sort years, here we are. In fact we have far surpassed my worst predictions.

  18. They're already banning boomer with a g for hurting people's feelings. How much longer until pedo is deemed a wrongthink slur, too?

  19. I think the slippery slope is 100% misunderstood. I think majority of the original LGB community wanted Obergefell, then stopped, then the others tacked themselves on, hijacked the movement, wanting MORE concessions. And yes, it is because the previous Gen got something normalized, which it should have instead been deSTIGMATIZED.

  20. This woman… her quotes in this article are nothing short of amazing. It’s like if Matt Walsh was an 80-year-old woman.

  21. Fucked up laws in WA state allowed this. As a side note, totally unrelated I'm sure (/s), we've had mandatory mail in voting for years now.

  22. this is the problem with the left cant define 'woman', does not like boundaries, applauds perverts and and and...we certainly do not want to hurt the feelings of some 'alphabet' or pervert because that would be wrong.

  23. They called the cops on her and wouldn't let her leave... because she used the wrong words and hurt feelings... again, a business held a citizen against her will because they didn't like her speech, and she's made out to be the bad guy?

  24. I think we all knew it would happen when people decided men could be in the ladies room and gym locker rooms. What I am surprised at is that women have kneeled down to the woke and given up their rights. Not the fault of conservatives. Their rights have been erased by the woke.

  25. The article is literally about a woman standing up to one of these perverts, and your hot take is that women are kneeling to the woke and surrendering their rights.

  26. Isaiah 5:20 | View whole chapter | See verse in context Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  27. im afraid things are only going to get worse, and never better. we are witnessing the end of america in progress.

  28. the transgenders are bringing down the us just like they brought down the roman empire. they are too powerful! they occupy 1000% of my mind! reeee!

  29. um she literally works there? she probably was just doing her job? seems like the old lady is just a boomer with a vendetta

  30. As soon as pedophilia is normalized, all the elites who are on the client list can breathe a sigh of relief. So until then, anything they can do to make it mainstream…

  31. I wouldn’t call a site that uses the phrase “transgender agenda” unironically neutral. Better article:

  32. https://abc7amarillo.com/news/nation-world/ymca-bans-grandma-after-she-demanded-transgender-staff-member-leave-womens-locker-room-julie-jaman-port-townsend-washington?fbclid=IwAR0C-sUREuHeFyzVJt6Efin4CqL89Ikmu08JWu0vNH-113fZskI_C1WGwGs

  33. Female sexual offenders [FSO] are among the most radically unrepresented sexual offenders in the criminal justice system. Some studies suggest that anywhere from 15 to 20% of sexual offenses are committed by females [

  34. Plot twist: that man identifies as an 80 yr old woman, reported himself, and got banned for being transphobic. A tale as old as time.

  35. We knew years ago that libs would eventually give in and allow p*do’s to become a protected class

  36. The fact that it’s wasn’t looked into that the person was staring at little girls changing…is telling. Woman AND Men can be pedos. Even though that person was a man, all claims of pedo behavior should be taken seriously.

  37. There is an official police report and an article from a reputable (as reputable as news outlets get these days) news outlet.

  38. I agree that it shouldn’t be political. We should all agree that pedophiles should get the book thrown at them. Yet there are dozens of comments in this thread alone supporting a man in a changing room with little girls just because they saw the word “transgender.”

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