Being a sanctuary city is all fun and games until the migrants actually show up

  1. This is how dem politics works. Pass horrible bills that duck everyone else, and when it effects you start asking for aid. Meaning more of your tax dollars. It's a win win, either way you get paid.

  2. Large city's have turned into cesspools the socilist goverment of those city's know this they do not want it to get worse than it is. This will lead to moderate's not to vote for socilist Dems. They are working off the old frog in the boiling water senerio. If you do it slow people will say oh well, to fast it's oh shix we got to do something.

  3. Because they know how to wrap everything they dp into something that sounds good on surface. So these gullible people go with them. Zero brain function.

  4. I am glad I am not a Governor with the border problem, because I honestly would have bussed them to Biden's home in Delaware and to Nancy's house in San Fran. See what they do then and make sure there are plenty of cameras to document it as bus after bus comes rolling in 24/7.

  5. I have to say this shit is HILARIOUS. Both TX and FLA governors are on point right now. Ignore our border issue? How about we buss them to your backyard then watch you scream NIMBY? Choose which laws you will inforce due to your political bias? Enjoy your suspension.

  6. I feel like all liberal ideas follow the same logic as this. All fun and games until “they” have to pay, act, or do anything other than be an NPC.

  7. Here, in Texas, it is shifting traditionally blue counties at the border towards the Republicans because the illegal immigration problem is hitting them the worst and the Democrats are ignoring them.

  8. The democrats seem to think that the only thing Hispanics care about is having an open border. Turns out that they're typically socially conservative and have strong family and religious values.

  9. Once again, here's a man applying common sense to real world political problems. That's the kind of leadership this country needs.

  10. the two parties are not there to apply common sense. They manufacture problems to take more of your shit its pretty simple.

  11. LOL, right?! It's easy to virtue-signal until you have to start spending YOUR money to feed/clothe/house/prosecute/jail the people who are here illegally.

  12. Where’s the Martha’s Vineyard bus? The Obama’s 30 acre waterfront estate has plenty of room for illegal immigrants, homeless drug fiends and bail-free inner city felons. (Maybe locals can organize a boat lift to get the folks safely across!) /s

  13. Meanwhile we all have to pretend it wasn't intentional when migrants were being sent to red districts.

  14. The irony of that NYT headline is just too much. Yes, the Republican governors are the ones causing havoc here.

  15. Every major metropolitan area in the northeast should have buses full of illegal aliens show up and drop said illegal aliens off right at town hall.

  16. It's all political posturing and grand standing until your policies actually kick in and bury your city/state/country.

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