San Francisco To Hold Gay Festival Despite City Declaring Emergency Over Monkeypox Outbreak

  1. Remember in Feb 2020 when Pelosi went to Chinese New Year festivities in SF, got on the news and said don't be afraid of covid, come on down? Yeah.

  2. I also remember when the vaccine was first rolled out the leftoid politicians and NPCs didn’t trust the “Trump Vaccine”.

  3. Was this before or after they called Trump a xenophobe because it might be a good idea to limit or stop people from chinuh from coming in?

  4. Can't stand the outroar over it. I'm fine with letting people do whatever they damn well please but let me live my life too you bastards.

  5. I remember proud tweets from democrats attending the chinese new year parade... calling Trump a racist and conspiracy theorist when he said they were stupid.

  6. Many LGBT people center their entire identity around their sexuality. Without promiscuity, quite a few have no personality.

  7. Well, according to the Left, viruses are not allowed at their events or any events they agree with from an ideological perspective. They can dictate when and where viruses are allowed to be because they have big brains.

  8. I actually don't see a problem holding a festival. The virus is passed on by prolonged skin to skin contact. I just wish they'd see the irony in doing this and then turning around and begging the county / state to reintroduce mask mandates.

  9. Have you ever seen photos of of those festivals before? You need a strong stomach as they are full of daytime public sex, which btw is not illegal in SF.

  10. So, a super spreader event... Clearly all need to be rounded up and thrown in prison for life! (Brigading progressives and Reddit admins: Just continuing to point out the double standards in the dehumanization of people during Covid, for merely wanting to live. No need to suspend me for three days again for "spreading hate.")

  11. So how long before bars, restaurants, and churches all have to close because the outbreak gets really bad, and the left demands that people comply with lockdowns that favor them.

  12. Good. I want them to feel like a conservative for a day so they can realize freedom is real. No lock downs, no masks, just make your own personal choice. If you are going to bang 20 dudes over that weekend and you get the pox, you can only be mad at yourself. Was going to make a dirty rhyme there but went against it.

  13. The article said it was only cancelled one time before, over Covid. But now, something more contagious, and primarily affecting that particular demographic, the "festival" must go on. This puts yet more nails in the Covid-narrative coffin.

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