Joe tests positive again

  1. Don’t worry, they’re in the process of changing the definition of testing positive again as actually a good thing and indication that the vaccine is working.

  2. Ummm positive is in the phrase so obviously it's good. Stop testing so negative with your -ist and -phobe rhetoric you istaphobe!! Consider yourself canceled.

  3. Just shows how flawed and bad these tests have been. Negative one day. Positive the next. It's like spinning a roulette wheel.

  4. I honestly believe it's a way to hide him again like they did back when he was "running"

  5. The tests are awful. I’ve had Covid a few times now and it’s pretty easy to identify for me- fever, muscle aches, no cough, no runny nose.

  6. He should be getting thr best possible test and not the crap they foist on the rest of us. Shouldn't he be testing positive for a couple of weeks afterwards

  7. Don’t blame the tests. Joe’s a walking cesspool of bad ideas, flawed beliefs and corrupt biological infrastructure. It’s not surprising that aggressive pathogens have solidified an outpost of corruption in his souless loins. Wait ‘til he OKs student loan ‘forgiveness’ and pardons international criminal, and sister in law accoster Hunter B. Unfortunately JoJo, like the rest of his miscreant family tree, is rotten to the core.

  8. Welcome to the bernoulli trials, where you have a 50/50 chance. This is extended to the binomial distribution, which models if a vaccine, medicine, treatments works, or not.

  9. People are suddenly pushing the rebound narrative like it was common knowledge, but personally this screams he actually never got over it but the media was hoping we wouldn’t notice.

  10. They keep saying it's endemic but then refusing to just take the same precautions we do for the flu (yes, I know this spreads much easier than the flu).

  11. No worry, they will find away to word it so you feel better. You know...not recession, a transition. Its not covid. It's just the flu

  12. Unless he hadn't fully recovered and is still just recovering from the last time? Or that he's been dead for months and they've been deepfaking his appearances?

  13. That rebound covid is real my daughter got it and then like a week and half later got it again. Granted both times it's nothing serious, just a minor cold basically both times. So honestly is this even newsworthy? She wasn't any meds though but it was just odd she got it again after having it so recently. I guess different variants maybe.

  14. Was he really negative or was his test results a false negative? Just more proof that the vaccines are not going to stop covid.

  15. Not only that, he will probably ignore the positive test since he has been isolating for 5 days+ and will be out and about. One year ago walking around unvaccinated and possibly asymptomatic was the worst thing a human being could do.

  16. When Pete first got the vid the lefties we're already tee'ing up this outcome, something to do with paxlovid, like it was expected he'd test positive after testing negative

  17. Meanwhile, I'm never vaxxed, in public everyday and still can't test positive no matter how many times I try, lol

  18. Same. Been around people that have had it recently. Face to face. Not vaccinated and never wore mask. I don’t get it either. My co worker has had it several times now

  19. My brother, sister, mom and father had COVID and I was around all of them a lot, nothing. Recently went to a party and almost everyone had COVID after, nothing. So many of my coworkers had COVID it was rediculious. They cancelled work multiple times due to outbreaks, nothing.

  20. “Biden is fully vaccinated and received two booster shots. He received his first two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine ahead of his inauguration in January 2021, his first booster shot in September and his second booster vaccination in March.”

  21. I’m personally soooooooo glad trump was able to rush through a vaccine and cut through all the unnecessary red tape like toxicology studies, pharmokinetics analysis, repro health effects… nobody cares about that shit anyways.

  22. 100% this. Things are bad enough in this country without us conservatives resorting to glee when someone is sick or dying. Then we're just being evil.

  23. 'Unfortunately, due to complications from Covid, Joe Biden - in consultation with his medical team - has decided that he can no longer carry on in his capacity as president of the United States. Kamala Harris will be taking over as the first female, BIPOC president' - I almost guarantee you.

  24. I was going to upvote this news but then I had a thought. I actually don't want anything bad to happen to old Joe. Those in the wings are 10x as bad.

  25. He is likely having mental issues and this is all the cover they can think of to keep Big Sleep out of the public eye.

  26. bruh, if 137 year old Biden can survive infection twice, then I think its proof positive that Trump was right all along, and that the vaccine he created with Project Warpspeed is legit, safe, and life saving. I just thank god that Trump was the man behind the creation of it, I dont think I would trust anyone else.

  27. After that WH deepfake video… Idk if ol boy is still on planet earth. I think it’s a weekend at Bernie’s situation until after midterms, the. The news breaks.

  28. Nobody told him that he could be counted as many times as they could test him without ever testing negative, so far as the confirmed covid statistics?

  29. This is just ramping up so after midterms he can be taken out of office for "health reasons" then Kamala can become president and not have it count as a term of presidency. FJB FJB FJB

  30. Was waiting for this, Paxlovid is doing this and I suspect in much higher rates than advertised.

  31. Now i don't like the guy, but seriously vaccines don't work 100% of the time it just makes it harder for the virus to 'take hold' so to speak. Its like having a gun during a home invasion, it's better than nothing but its not a garuntee that you will make it out unscathed

  32. Isn’t the entire planet expected to eventually get covid a couple times till the strains mutate into something mild like the influenza virus?

  33. I’m not a conspiracy guy, but this sniffs a bit as a strategy to find a face saving way of getting uncle Joe off the 2024 ticket due to ‘unforeseen’ long term Covid affects. If nothing else it’s buying a month of peace for the party by keeping him away from the press.

  34. I'm confessing to not reading the article, but you can test positive with the PCR for up to 90 days and sometimes it can take up to 10+ days with the rapid antigen. That doesn't mean you're still contagious or sick. I had to get a Dr's note to be able to opt out of PCR testing (my work has very strict requirements 🙄) for 3 months. Surely this is common knowledge by now.

  35. I was reading here on Reddit the other day about one of the medicines he took is very common from people to test positive like two or three days after they test a negative

  36. This literally means nothing - you can test positive when you're recovering from a recent infection for a couple of weeks due to viral shedding and etc.

  37. When I had Covid I was positive for weeks after 3 days of not being able to taste or smell. Double vaxxed courtesy of the army.

  38. Coworker got treated with Paxlovid. Said it was much worse with the 'rebound' or whatever than the initial COVID sickness. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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