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  1. So millions out of jobs, soaring prices, low stock on food and perishable goods, lowest the dollar has been valued in decades, our own oil being sold to enemies and not to our citizens, highest gas prices since ever!

  2. I agree that short term suffering is worth long term prosperity, but that's why you save for a rainy day. If we hadn't had decades of deficit spending, you'd have money to eat a loss like this without the suffering at all.

  3. Be honest; it takes remarkable foresight and planning to take a post-pandemic economy and shrink it. If the administration were merely incompetent, growth would be less than ideal, but still positive.

  4. "Lower" inflation is snake-language, and inflation isn't going lower over the medium and long term. So its a lie besides.

  5. Y'all remember when The Economist was a decent publication? You know, based on studies, facts, historical insight. It had articles about South American policy issues leading towards inflation, the threats of Chinese and Russia taking over raw materials around the world etc. Now it is just garbage, it's like they fired the actual economists and historians and filled the writer spots with UC Berkley enviro Sci interns.

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