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  1. Remember that the left lectured everyone over two years that nobody owns their own body when it comes to vaccine injections.

  2. Does this mean the government can force you to get a vaccine? I know it was ruled by the Supreme Court over a hundred years ago that yea they can, but this seems like a great way to reiterate that government, state or federal, owns you.

  3. I think the difference is that public health is a shared resource. Babies are not a shared resource unless you count the potential tax dollars they generate for healthcare, social security, pensions, etc..

  4. So... Are you arguing that the left is wrong and government shouldn't have control over a person's body and therefore shouldn't be able to outlaw abortion? Or are you saying the left was right and the government can mandate vaccines? If you're trying to use this as liberal hypocrisy, then you have to acknowledge the conservative hypocrisy here as well. If you want to make the case that abortion and vaccination are different in some way, then this argument is invalidated anyway and what you're trying to say doesn't make sense. You can't have it both ways and neither can liberals.

  5. I don't know. Every Redditor outside of this sub tells me all pregnancies come from incest or rape victims.

  6. From a 2015 study 0.001% were from incestuous relationships and 0.085% from rape. Better make it accessible to all since the overwhelming majority are clearly from these two.

  7. Talk about what? That people like to have sex? Are we really shaming people for wanting to have sex lol this sub is at a new low. You can still get pregnant while using birth control so if your argument is that they can have sex safety and chose not to that doesn’t make any sense. Plenty of people get pregnant by accident while on the pill or using a condom.

  8. I was against government vaccination mandates for the entire population on privacy grounds. I think medical care is a person's own business. I'm against the government involving itself in this shit for the same reason. It's ALL overreach.

  9. And that roaring sound you hear, and the wind you feel: that's the lack of self-awareness the Left has going over their heads.

  10. Conservatives are being hypocrites just as much here. You don’t get to invoke bodily autonomy when it comes to vaccines and then say bodily autonomy doesn’t exist for pregnant women

  11. I’m not one to be the language police, but it is very telling how often you hear things like, “He GOT me pregnant…”

  12. I mean I'm pretty sure most women are on top of their cycles and on birth control and don't use abortion pills as contraceptive. Abortion is for when you're on top of EVERYTHING but you still get pregnant. It's for those .01% chance pregnancies.

  13. My mom had this cutout and on the dining room table to share with me… as I live alone and my fiancée is 600 miles away

  14. I put my kid on the bc patch the day she turned 16. It's free and as tough as putting a sticker on your butt.

  15. I'm thinking of talking the women in my life into using the copper IUD. the cons are of course an invasive insertion, but you just can't beat it's effectiveness and non-hormonal route.

  16. It's also linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Hormonal birth control has major side effects. I know more women who can't take it because of how it affects them than women who can.

  17. No one has to get pregnant to begin with. It's crazy how fired up liberals get over this when there are so many other things going on.

  18. Nah, you're just not allowed to kill your child because you regret your decisions. You're ultimately responsible for the outcomes of your decisions, even if those outcomes weren't what you wanted.

  19. Just like how your ability to 'control' your own body ends when you drink too much and choose to drive home drunk and hit someone.

  20. That's what makes the "pro-choice" label so weird to me. They pretend women are out-of-control sex-machines with no free-will until they get pregnant, then it's all about choices.

  21. Crowder made a pretty good tweet about that. Saying basically, yeah, I'm down with the choice to not have sex, the choice to use adequate BC, the choice to raise your own child, or the choice to give them up for adoption.

  22. They don't know what a woman is but you expect them to understand big words like "contraception"? I don't think so

  23. That is actually something they a pushing for. They think that if they can make birth control and sexual education free and accessible for everyone, there wouldn’t be a need for abortion outside of when it’s medically necessary.

  24. You had two haters… I wonder what side of the fence they were on. Those options may be poignant, but they are spot on. And personally, I do have empathy for women that bear the consequences of failed birth control, but it IS a consequence of willfully engaging in intercourse. But to that end, any related laws need to bring full accountability to would-be fathers as well; from medical expenses to lost income.

  25. I believe you have misinterpreted this comic. First, I'll acknowledge that you are correct that pro-life conservatives (not all conservatives are pro-life) most commonly make the argument that control over your own body stops at ending the life of your unborn child, but that is not the argument being made here.

  26. Oh, did you really go there… Do you not know it’s a moral crime to expect individuals to think before they act, and accept the responsibility for the actions they take 🤪

  27. It's funny because as a leftist, this reads as a feminist comic. It seems to be about the importance of consent and implicitly pro-choice.

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