Officer husband of slain Uvalde teacher was detained, had gun taken away after trying to save wife

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  1. And not a thing will be done about it. Cause the Left wants it and the rest are too cowardly to do what needs doing.

  2. "Ruben Ruiz is a police officer for the school district and was on the scene after the gunman entered the school and opened fire.

  3. I read that the Uvalde PD tried to stop the Border Patrol SWAT team and they just pushed them aside and went in and ended it.

  4. If they are willing to treat another cop like that imagine what they would do to me or you if it were our wife or kid in there! I couldnt be more disgusted. Unbelievable.

  5. this is my thought. this was intentional. but the big question is why?. was it to push an anti gun narrative or to interfere with elections? we will probably never know. But what we do know is those people died for no reason.

  6. They stopped him because police departments are terrified of engaging with violent criminals for fear of being responsible for the next George Floyd.

  7. No matter your political leaning I think we can all agree, Something went horribly wrong here and the public has the right to know WHAT

  8. I think we will. No one here is letting this go. Everything about the situation looks intentional. People are ready to go scorched earth on the entire department.

  9. That entire police force should be charged with manslaughter. And the chief should be on trial for first degree murder. What a damn joke and embarrassment.

  10. I can maybe understand the basic logic of not allowing civilians to enter the hot zone to protect them but preventing a trained and armed officer from entering and forcibly detaining him is insane. Hanlon’s razor (don’t attribute malice to something that can be explained by incompetence) is a good adage but this is starting to look more and more intentional.

  11. Agreed, this is WELL beyond just cowardice at this point. Why stop an officer willing to put his life on the line to save others, particularly his WIFE FFS!?

  12. I've really been trying to figure this out. Best I can guess is that maybe they treated it more like a hostage situation where they wait it out instead of busting in and risk that he'd start shooting. I understand he was already shooting, so... I don't know. I don't lean into "conspiracies", so I'm really trying to understand this. It's one thing to say they're cowards, but when people on the force were willing to go in and they were forcibly detained, it doesn't add up.

  13. I'd think if you're the DA you'd heavily consider dropping most all charges (edit* against concerned citizens trying to take down the shooter) considering the piss poor performance of the police force

  14. Hopefully the national attention helps get Justice, but I doubt these officers face any real consequences for their cowardice. Cops are not legally obligated to protect you in America.

  15. This. They are agents of the state and not on your side and not obligated to "protect and serve" per the Supreme Courts rulings.

  16. Coos are neither good/bad or left/right. They are mercenaries willing to do whatever is asked for those paychecks and benefits. BLM riots proved that.

  17. To me, the thin blue line represents the police as a concept. Much like I love America, but I can't stand the people currently in charge of it. I support the idea of having a police force and not hampering their ability to do their job, but individual officers (or entire departments) can be scummy pieces of shit.

  18. The only people these piece of shit cops were after were parents of dying children and people who obey the law. Nevermind the scumbag shooter. My cop family is disgusted by what happened.

  19. I mean, it’s Reddit. Someone from my high school I knew for 20+ years was an avid Redditor. His entire personality was “fedora”.

  20. I don’t think the shooting was planned, but you can’t convince me that the PD’s reaction wasn’t.

  21. Pussies. Every last one of them. This story continues to get worse as more details are revealed. Each officer who refused to action should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty and failure to uphold their oaths. In no world should a guy going in to help people, wife or not, be the one penalized.

  22. I'm hoping that the reason we haven't heard wall to wall press conferences from the Rangers is that they're putting all their resources into digging hard. Corruption in local LE is one of their key missions, so I'm sure they're doing a lot more than we're seeing, but normally they bring as much out as they can pretty much daily.

  23. If my wife was shot and dying inside...well they'd need more than one man to try and keep me out for damn sure, and someone is gonna lose some teeth.

  24. The fact of the matter is, those cops should have been taken out by the parents so they could save the kids. The cops seem to have wanted the kids to die.

  25. And yet y'all fly back the blue flags and co-opt the Gadsden flag which is anti statist while voting for statist Republicans. Hypocrites.

  26. Doesn't he understand that a certain faction of people in this country needed Uvalde to be really fucking bad to save their chances in November? His care for his wife almost got in the way, the bastard.

  27. So the story is that the Uvalde police are secret Democrat sympathizers who conspired to allow children to be murdered so that Democrats could parade gun control for the next 6 months?

  28. Agreed…the abject failure in how this was handled makes it hard to reach a conclusion other than it was allowed to happen.

  29. God damn them all to hell. I guess there are no Texans left in Uvalde beyond the one trying to save his own wife. 🤬

  30. I thought it would end at abject cowardice and no leadership whatsoever. Now we find the police ACTIVELY caused the death of one of the victims.

  31. I don't go around proclaiming every politician or person in charge of a decision I don't like should be criminally charged. In this case, it seems highly appropriate. Sorry, but you take a job to protect the public and then perform this poorly, you face the consequences. The procedures in this situation were clear, and weren't followed. "Ops, my bad" doesn't work.

  32. Every time I hear about Uvalde my blood runs cold. My home town is Del Rio…those kids looked just like I did when I was little. I want nothing more than to be a bulwark for any innocent, especially children. I’ll be going for my concealed carry soon. This should have never happened.

  33. I said this before to a few guys I know who are retired cops and they were totally in agreement: Thank god the cops and the perp in this situation weren't white because it would be nuts right now if that were the case. The amount of screaming the (D) crowd would be doing would be insane.

  34. Ah, you are a pro "Lets set up a perimeter, and wait until the guy runs out of ammo in an elementary school" type. Shame on you.

  35. Disagree with that logic. The policeman's duty to save lives comes first and trumps any other scenario presenting itself.

  36. They had rifles and a ballistic shield and still waited 58 min to go after the shooter. They never tried the door before breaching. There is NO defense for not letting someone who wasn't a coward step up and do what those immoral sackless degenerates should have done. They could have saved lives by acting, that blood is on their hands

  37. They were paid off to let the false flag play out and bolster the narrative, they want to disarm America.

  38. Except the royally screwed this one up. What better reason for the 2A is defending your own family because the police won’t?

  39. To be fair, the teachers were the first ones to die. Pretty much everybody except the kid who responded to the officer's query out loud if anybody needed help before they charged were dead before the first officers arrived.

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