Are there any other laughing emotes?

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  1. There's a few more that laugh. But of the emotes that are JUST laughing like these you're only missing two. Hog laughing and Baby dragon laughing. I already have them all lol two more and we can make an entire emote deck of laughs.

  2. There’s also the tournament one and the mother witch and the piggy and the e giant and technically the baby dragon and the giant skeleton and the prince

  3. These are the only 4 like “laughing” at someone instead of just laughing in general (there some mother witch where she cackles or smth)

  4. Mother witch, giant skelly, pig, elixir golem, there is actually two laughing goblins (one he holds his hands together and it’s kind of an evil laugh, but it is still technically laughing, giant laughing with crown on, prince with rainbow, king holding a 10 sign, lumberjack holding the cake, heal spirit pointing, electro giant, pretty sure this is the list

  5. Let’s see… there is Hehehehaw, Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa, Hahahaha, Bahahaha, Ee Ah ha ha ha!, Ha ha… aha HAHAHAHA electric noise, Heh Heh Heh, Baaaahaaa,

  6. King Laugh, Barbarian Laugh, Goblin Laugh, E-Wiz laugh, Mother Witch laugh, E-Giant laugh, Evil Goblin Chuckle, E-Golem laugh

  7. Mother witch, egiant, also baby dragon if you count the panting as a laugh but you got the main four

  8. skeleton giant! the icon just looks like sgiant with a broken jaw. it was a non exclusive in an event recently tho so if you don't have it you'll have to wait a while.

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