My first 3D loop. Polaroid Infinite

  1. To add to this. It would be nice if the camera travelled on a more circular path. Currently it takes a sharp angle. Great idea though! Very creative

  2. Thaank you so much! Yes, it's not 100% seamless. That's because of the perspective of the camera + angle of the photo that has a little bend. Took a while to match the first frame with the texture being centered. Hahaha. Ps: this is a cropped version, the original is 9:16 aspect ratio.

  3. Make the camera flash or have some indication it too a photo before the polaroid comes out. I believe it will be the cherry on top

  4. When I a chose the model to start modeling, I should've picked one with the flash. I agree with you, a ilumination being part of the loop would be pretty cool

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