Getting a shot makes me feel like a superhero

  1. This just became a visual part of the historical record…some student will probably use this in their paper on this time period…

  2. I applaud these brave people working in vaccination centers. This excellent use of their time. Brilliant marketing campaign. The demand for jabs so low, they are addressing it with smart and witty public messaging.

  3. And that entire pop up clinic only requires one actual healthcare worker while everyone can larp as a legalized murder... i mean vaccination administer.

  4. I’m not so sure. Remember when you would hear everyday that “the hospitals are overwhelmed” and yet nurses around the country still found the time to choreograph and film dance sequences? They are just such dedicated heroes.

  5. I think they are all former Disney employees, laid off for not being woke enough but retained all of that satanic saccharine enthusiasm

  6. One day those ppl will look back and be sick there were so blindly led to create assimilation propaganda peer pressure porn

  7. Man! I remember getting my first jab, I cried with elation! Nothing compares to your first jab but I still get that warm fuzzy feeling straight after I’ve had a jab… almost like my heart could explode! I love it! 4th jab and counting! We don’t quit until covid is eradicated from this earth!

  8. Living in a time where communism is fighting tooth and nail to take over is the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. Also, the most cringe. What makes it even worse is peoples willingness to look at shit like this and think “Sign me up!”.

  9. You know, when I got all of my vaccinations back in the 1980's and 1990's, and even during my time in the military, they never made anything out to be so dramatic. Hep A, Hep B, all the basics. Then all the mandatory vaccinations in the military; it was an assembly line, not a celebration.

  10. I think we should make music and dance when we take the jabs. And also post on socials shirt vids going to get the jab, waiting to get the jab, actually getting the jab and leaving the jab office.


  12. What you don't see, just out of frame, are the piles of dead antivaxxers that moaned their last moan "I only wish I was vaccinated..."

  13. Looks like a government funded program. I hope I can pay higher taxes to keep these heroes at the ready.

  14. Hell, try explaining it to someone just 2 years ago when they were all like “Oh, I would never take this Trump vaccine!”

  15. At least the nazis didn't look that ridiculous committing mass homicide and acted with the appropriate seriousness of their crime. History will never be the same.

  16. It’s crazy how cringe it can really get. Like each day I think to myself “Welp, this is bad as it can get” and then the next day it gets worse. Pretty impressive actually.

  17. Me and the boys refusing to tell parents that their children have a higher likelihood of dying from myocarditis caused by the vaccine than coronavirus itself

  18. I've seen this movie it starts out great for humans, no individuality, all work for the same purpose then a glitch occurs and the savior (hero)of man/women realizes that all are fucked, at the end some succumb to the new normal but the hero finds a way for humanity to thrive; but the hero is not what it seems and I have to pay $40 with popcorn and a soda for the sequel.

  19. All roleplaying aside for this sub but - This literally scares the living S* out of me. Do these people have any idea how foolish they're going to look 5-10 years from now when everyone realizes they've been duped? Height of all ignorance right here...

  20. What in jack-fuckery did I just watch? I guess I should be glad that business is so slow that they have the time to do this shite.

  21. Holy fuck this is cringe. I’m half tempted to fix this video by adding ominous resident evil music, because the way this persons setting themselves up to be an experimental subject, as they traverse the laburnum laboratory of pfizer seems like something you’d see in a zombie virus outbreak movie…

  22. A man dropped dead from a massive heart attack this afternoon. He had been making a tiktok when suddenly…… the doctors say miocarditis is most likely to blame because of global warming and the tears of the sun

  23. Literal NPCs. These people are just empty, living meaningless fake lives. I actually would feel bad for them, if they weren’t injecting harmful substances into their fellow man.

  24. I may have COVID now because this was so cringeworthy it made me throw up in my mouth a little … pretty sure that’s one of the signs.

  25. We are hitting levels of cringe we previously thought impossible based on our current understanding of quantum physics.

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