'If US fighter jets escort Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan, it is invasion' - China warns US

  1. China is much stronger now, although US stealth aircraft could probably pull this off without getting hit as long as they stayed a few miles from radars.

  2. If you did not know. Those whole "China warning" thing had ended with the largest collection of shot down US spy planes. "Without consequences...".

  3. China will give another warning since all there jets are untested and their pilots suffer from extreme masterbation disorder. M not even kidding.

  4. i fear this is not true at all. theyre doing the same thing russia is doing. making the last illegal land grabs before political entanglemants lockdown so hard its literally impossible to do it without actually starting a fullscale world war. we like to think reality is already such that imperialism has effectively ended but in fact this is not true.

  5. Hahahah unless you are smoking those free weed. It’s always been the US starting the war. The US administration is filled with war criminals. Their days are numbered. They will be tried when China takes over as the world power. China never started a war and will never in the future.

  6. China is trying to start a war for trying to stop Taiwan ( of which considers to be part of its territory) from being visited by high-ranking US official? I miss Trump cause you guys want to start WW3 just to keep your liberal world order

  7. I’m an American living in Shanghai. This is just saber rattling because elections are coming up soon and Xi wants to “look strong” with his stance on Taiwan. He wants to look strong all the time with literally everything. His zero Covid policy that’s total nonsense instead of admitting that we have to just live with Covid and it’s here to stay forever, he wants to be Mao reincarnated, erasing the past of his predecessors who actually brought wealth and prosperity to China blah blah blah. Nothing will happen except the same shit talk that’s been happening for years concerning Taiwan.

  8. Its slightly different this time around in that for some reason this has become a public disagreement rather than a behind the scenes spat after the fact. Not sure how or why the trip became public knowledge, but at this point both sides are kinda committed in that Pelosi will likely go and China will have to respond, somehow. The response is likely to be far more mundane than a lot of the theories floating around currently...

  9. Call their bluff. The wests pussyfooting is the reason Ukraine happened. Russia felt the west would be a pushover in Ukraine so they attacked. China needs to be made aware that the US isn't fucking around with Taiwan.

  10. Lol you mean Russia called the West's bluff. Biden is on video saying "I don't accept anybody's red lines" in the leadup to the Ukraine War, turns out it was actually a redline.

  11. You'd think Ukraine taught them something, yet here we fucking are. Pelosi should go to Taiwan and her plane should be escorted by F-22s with Lundberg lenses deployed. Let them all get a real good look.

  12. You know because west is busy with Russia it’s a amazing opportunity for China. West won’t be able to fight on 2 fronts

  13. I don't think you'd test a bluff with actual lives, surely there must be some way to spoof the scenario and see how China actually reacts

  14. Who cares, during the cold war 1.0 it's customary for USSR fighters and bombers to buzz US aircraft carriers yards from the flight deck in international waters. It's not like this is unprecedented, yawn.

  15. Did China back than told they would shot the jet or did they told it will worsen relationship between China and US ? Sounds like same story here.

  16. The western world needs to wake up and stand up to dictator bullies. This is to send a message of freedom and that they can stick their arrogance up their ass.

  17. The U.s needs to stop dicking around with china. Russia is a major problem but china is an even bigger one long term.

  18. Since the past 2 years I've automatically downvoted every "China warns..." and "Russia slams..." post I've encountered.

  19. You know what would be awesome? Put her in the middle of USS Tripoli deck (or any other Aircraft carrier) and the carrier support group around it. Then give her a megaphone to scream "COME GET ME WINNIE".

  20. China doesn’t have close to a billion soldiers. That would be like two thirds of their population. The biggest chunk of their population is dawdling old farts now too

  21. How many modern war experience does US have?Bully camel people in the desert of Afghanistan?Just remind you last time US fought a naval battle was in WWII(80 years ago).

  22. It's honestly not even hyperbole to expect that 10 F-22s, at most, could probably wipe-out the entire Chinese airforce.

  23. "it is invasion if US fighter planes accompany Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan.” The PLA is authorized to shoot warning shots and manoeuvre strategically to disrupt the US fighter fighters as well as Pelosi’s aircraft. Hu Xijin, a pundit for the Chinese state-affiliated Global Times, said" This is a case of Hu said that, not Xi said that. They wheel this idiot out any time they want to make an unspecified threat.

  24. Why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi just fly in on a regularly scheduled commercial flight? Diplomatic crisis (or at least mili aspect of it) averted.

  25. In what is known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, or in Chinese the June Fourth Clearing (Chinese: 六四清场; pinyin: Liùsì qīngchǎng) or June Fourth Massacre (Chinese: 六四屠杀; pinyin: liùsì túshā), troops armed with assault rifles and accompanied by tanks fired at the demonstrators and those trying to block the military's advance into Tiananmen Square.

  26. Declare on paper that everywhere of East Asia is your property, then you can defines any vessel sailing in international waters or foreign territory as an intrusion and define assaulting foreign planes/vessel in any place as "righteous self-defence".

  27. China must be really desperate to start a war. This visit is only for chip manufacturing and nothing else so why is China is crazy?

  28. She'll arrive on Elon Musk's Hyperloop instead. Wait 'til China realizes that Elon can build a Hyperloop station under Zhongnanhai, too.

  29. Who in china said this threat? If its a few small newspapers or 5cents netizens, it's only empty shell - making noice killing none. When it comes either from the military or party instrument, they might play real then. Yet to see.

  30. This is a technical interpretation. This will engaged in a test of stamina and will always. CCP has to make their mind what they want to achieve once they cross the line.

  31. China is winning me back very slowly. I mean shit America's objectively the historically most violent modern country and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So send it China send it.

  32. Of course US doesn’t care, because war wouldn’t be happening on their land. It will be Taiwanese people suffering the consequences.

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